Tuesday, January 15, 2008


I was very resistant to getting on board the "gmail train". Or I wasn't cool enough to get invited. One of the two....

But now I'm one of the masses with the formerly exclusive email addresses. And let me just say, that I love gmail. I like how it organizes stuff, remembers my friends names, and has silly branded monikers like "gchat". It's like this cool friend that handles all your business, and makes you smile. But recently I get the feeling that gmail is getting a little to personal with me.

Have you noticed the little ads at the top of your inbox? Little suggestions of places you might want to check out? I like to feel like Gmail knows me. He just wants to share his wealth of knowledge with me. But sometimes his suggestions are eerily similar to messages I've sent. Makes me wonder if I can trust Gmail. Is he snooping through my things? What else don't I know about?

Well, today after sending an innocent note to a friend, I get this:

That's right: A link to http://www.twistnshot.com/

Don't judge me Gmail! I didn't even mention drinking! And besides, that jello shot party was over a year ago, and it was for the CHILDREN! (wait...not like that, it was charity...oh nevermind).

I don't know who Gmail thinks he is. We are SO on a break.

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  1. hahahaha. that is hilarious. it totally was for the children. maybe gmail was looking at your photo albums on facebook? i think i have more halloween photos tagged than anything else. so facebook must think i'm a huge drunk. whoops. can't wait to see you!