Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Toys, toys, toys!! - DB

So... I'm struggling right now with 2 different sides of my personality.

In the blue corner: Practicality

and in the red corner: DESIRE

There are 2 bouts on the card....
1: Cell Phone

Next week I am eligible for my "new every 2" discounted phone from Verizon with a new 2 year agreement. The nerdy technology loving side of my brain wants the Blackberry Pearl:

Isn't it beautiful? It can surf the web, check email, get directions, whisper sweet nothing into my ear...

The Pearl's competition... any other phone that Verizon will give me that I can stand using for 2 years.

You see, as you all know, the problem isn't the phone... it's the service. There's a $40 difference in the price of the plans. Multiply that by 24 and you get an overall difference of $960. My practical side says "Are you out of your mind?!" The other side of me says, "But it's SOOOOO sweet... and it has internet and..."

So of course I'm going to get the practical phone. I have to. But I figured I'd write about my inner struggle to relate to you readers.

Bout #2 is:
2. Bike

I'm on a bike riding kick. I want to start riding a bike to and from work when the weather warms up a little bit. It's only about 5 miles to work. I figure I save money on gas AND get cardio. Plus, I think it'll elevate me to "Bad Ass" status.

However, you can't be a BA if you ride a crappy bike. I don't have as much research about this fight as I do with the cell phone. All I know is that I could spend thousands of dollars on a bike, or a $38 for a bike from Walmart. I DO know that I like this one:

It's a bike made by Puma and it folds up so it would fit in my cubicle and it's WAY expensive and totally BA.
I'll have to accept it that I won't get this either. But it's fun to look and dream about a day when I can buy stuff.
So, to inspire you to comment... what do you struggle with? What item or items do you really want but you know are out of your price range? Will you get them or pass them by?


  1. great post ... and hope you're enjoying your vacation. as for me, I think you definitely have to get the blackberry pearl. you need something to keep track of all your social engagements ... plus it looks sweet.

    as for bikes, i know nothing. my bike fell into my lap. sorry.

    as for the existential question ... hmmm ... probably custom fitted golf clubs or a macbook pro. i will be getting neither.

  2. "My practical side says "Are you out of your mind?!"

    -I'm pretty sure your practical side is named Courtney.