Friday, February 8, 2008

Milo Vent..i..mighgrta...lia

Writer's Block No More!!

I have the story of the day!

I'm at work and I had just gotten back from a class to teach me a program that I will use pretty much everyday for the new job. It was long and confusing... and part 2 is on Tuesday. Yea! So, I was kind of down and frustrated and tired.

My department is on the 5th floor which is the floor that ALL of the big executives of the company are located, including the CEO, CMO, CFO and some other TLA executives.

So after my meeting I walked to my cube and put my stuff down and then turned around to go get lunch. As I'm walking towards the steps two gentleman are walking towards me. They are both in nice, long winter coats and pulling suitcases with them. They were walking side by side down the hallway. The guy furthest from me I didn't recognize. The second guy, I recognized right away. It was Milo Ventimiglia!.........Milo Ventimiglia!!


You don't know who he is?

Are you serious?

Well I'll educate you then. Here's his picture:

He plays the main character in the hit NBC show Heroes. The show is in it's 4th season and I haven't missed an episode yet! It proves that I am pretty big comic book loving nerd, but I'm ok with it. Milo is also dating Hayden Panettiere and been in movies like Dirty Deeds, Stay Alive and Rocky Balboa.

That's not the point of this story. You could have IMDB'd Milo and learned all of this. The story comes in my reaction.

I was completely star struck! I was close enough to touch him. I almost ran into him! After we passed each other, I did a double take and a woman I work with asked me what was wrong. I explained who it was and she was like "Oh yeah, he's been here before."

"YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND LADY... that's Peter Pitrelli! His power is that when he meets someone else with powers, he then has their powers too. He just keeps adding more and more powers. He's like a power sponge!"

I didn't say that of course. It's ony the second week of my job and I don't want to lose it just yet.

So from that point on, all I could think about was how I was going to somehow run into Milo again and have him sign something of mine... like my boob...or something.

So, later on I had to go to the bathroom for a little number 2. As I'm in the stall, I was thinking to myself, "Maybe Milo has to go to the bathroom, and then I'll meet him, and we'll become best friends." (I'm looking for replacements and Brian and Todd refuse to comment on my blog) Just then, soemone comes in and sits down in the stall next to me. I think, "maybe that's him." and I actually think about saying "Milo... is that you?"

Just then, this guy rips at least a 3 second fart. He probably hurt himself. It was the kind of fart that everybody has at some point in their life. It was that "I ate something bad" or "I have a disease" kind of fart. It was so awesome I almost said, "Daaamn dude."

So then I knew it couldn't be Milo, and I didn't get to see him the rest of the day. I also realized that I'm a huge tool and decided to get back to work. It was a good Friday!


  1. wow ... somebody gets writer's block for a few days and I forget all about his little writing blog.

    Next thing you know I'm tossed out in the cold. In all seriousness the Wheeling thing was hilarious but didn't know what to really add.

    And I just read your two posts today. I like that you got 'star' struck though. My guess is you'll become jaded very quickly. When I interned with the 76ers in college I thought it would be awesome, and then I saw the 'real' side of some of the athletes and realized they were douchebags with entourages. Soured my experience slightly. But they didn't have super powers, so that's cool.

    What power did he glean from being in contact with you? 'Highly adept at giving' powers?

  2. It's been one of those days when I really needed a good laugh - so thanks!! Just the thought of you and Milo bonding as you take a crap - not even sure how funny you intended it to be, but it definitely was a Dustin story. Oh yeah - I think I may have missed a few seasons of Hero's or you just have your own episodes going on in your head - Season 4??

  3. If any of you think Dustin is exaggerating any of this, let me assure you that he is not. I coincidentally was in the office at the same time that day, and rode the elevator with Milo (I somehow managed to stay calm...I apparently only fawn over local Christian "celebrities"). Directly afterwards, I ran into Dustin, who was completely geeked out. I had already forgotten about my brush with stardom, but he was like a giddy school girl. I'm pretty sure I heard him whisper "save the cheerleader, save the world".

  4. You're right.. it is season 3, and not season 4. In season 1 they took a few week break and I guess I thought of that as a different season, but alas it was not. The poop story by the way... totally true!

  5. peter freakin' petrelli! he's dreamy! and you chose an especially delightful photo to attach to your story. heroes is awesome. jealous!

    i love that you geeked out so much you wished he was in the stall next to you.