Sunday, March 16, 2008

Like the Nobel Prize only more prestigious....

We're starting a new feature here, which will be known as the Bowdenisms Shout Out (imagine Michael Buffer saying it the emphasis that it deserves!) The rules are simple: You do something awesome. We notice and hype it up here. Everyone sees how great you are, and you enjoy life long fame. It's pretty much a Win-Win-Win.

So without further ado, the first honorees are:

My dad and sister Jamie! (triumphant cymbal noise!)

They earned this prestigious honor for driving 6 hours round trip to come visit us. AND bringing eight boxes of girl scout cookies! earned it.

We had a great trip, and even though we only had a day, we made the most of it! We decided to check out the Carnegie Science Center, which is a great museum/activity center downtown. They are kid oriented, but have all kinds of fun stuff that anyone would enjoy. Jamie's favorite part was the aquarium. I think Dustin preferred SportWorks, where he could test out his golf swing and play virtual volleyball. I loved the Miniature Railroad and Village, which sounds dorky, but it's so cool! It a huge, to-scale model of Western Pennsylvania back in the 1900's.

The "sun" may have gone down, but the carnival action is just getting started.

That acrobat never quits. The caravan could pack up and the snow may fall, but she is committed. True Champion, I say.

I'd like to go back and check out the omnimax...I'm a sucker for large format educational films (seriously!) But I don't think we'll go to The Bodies exhibit...I'm sure it's cool, but it kinda freaks me out!

In addition to all the fun and games, we also checked out some local food favs: Primanti Brothers and Eat 'n Park. I think we'll all be paying for those decisions until tomorrow at least.

Delicious, right? Only the best for my family!

So, what are you waiting for? Come see us! You too could get a Bowdenisms Shout Out! You know you want one!

And for those of you that have previously visited/cooked us meals/paid for my college, I apologize, but BSO's are not given out retroactively (hey- I don't make the rules....oh, wait...) We have too many amazing friends and family to honor them all at once, but there are plenty of awards to go around, so please don't fight!


  1. we're ok with your dad winning...we got our BSO in costume way before we wanted it..."hey it's my parents" so we are still recovering! BS

  2. I still laugh when I think about that!! You would have totally gotten an award if it had been invented back then!