Sunday, March 30, 2008

Well we're all in the mood for a melody...

Now, I know it's Sunday, but we're not always known for our punctual updates here, so let's jump in the way back machine to a simpler time...specifically last Tuesday.
(insert Wayne's World flashback sound effects here: doodle-ooh, doodle-ooh, doodle-ooh...)

Tuesday nights have become one of my favorite nights of the week because we have a standing "date" with a group of our friends. We get together, eat wings and some dessert (scrumptious delights made by Dustin!) and we watch some trash TV. I could go on about how I love it, and how much fun we have, but I'll save the gushing for another post. (Dustin covered the love fest for the week; I'll stick to the silly ramblings that I do best!)

So Tuesday's current TV show of choice is American Idol. It'd be a safe bet that many of you watch it but for those of you who are too cool for lame-o reality tv, I'll explain: This week's theme was "songs from your birth year". The contestants are all like, 11, but there were still some great songs. I won't bore you with a recap, but I'd like to share some highlights:
It was one of the best episodes so far because they featured TWO of my favorite songs: "Alone" by Heart, and "Total Eclipse of the Heart" by Bonnie Tyler.
(Disclaimer- if you've been around me more than 5 minutes, I have probably proclaimed no less that 10 songs to be my "favorite". I like to think of myself as an equal opportunity music lover. Songs are like my children. I love them all equally!)

That Bonnie Tyler masterpiece inspired an over-dramatic group lip-sync complete with air-drumming, and hot backup dancer moves. It was a little like the wedding scene from "Old School", minus the f-word. (Before you judge, just try and watch this video without displaying some over-acted facial emotions, and wild triumphant gestures. I dare you!)

So after we worked our magic, Jay printed out lists of songs from our birth years, and we all tried to choose our "would-be idols" signature song. Here's my list. After INTENSE thought (this is my imaginary career we're talking about here!) I chose #17, "Time After Time" by Cyndi Lauper. I think I'd keep it simple....dim the lights, just me center stage on a stool, acoustic guitar playing in the background. It'd start slow and soft, ramping up to a powerful chorus. Then it would fade out gently at the end, followed by wild adoration from the crowd. I would elegantly bow, and give a small wave as I humbly left the stage. And Idol victory would be mine. (Or something like that....)

So, the Bowdenisms game of the day (and maybe the next 3 days...) is: What "birth year" song would you pick if you were on Tuesday's Idol episode? Go here and scroll down until you see a list of top songs by year. Choose your year and review the musical awesomeness that greets you. Think it over, and then leave your choice in the comments. Bonus points for detailing why your cover version would rock harder than the original.

(P.S. Answers like, "I hate singing" are not accepted. Let's assume you are awesome, love to sing, and are dying to become famous- what little ditty is going to make it happen?)

The stage is yours....
Special bonus!
Did I put you in a retro groove kind of mood?
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  1. My song would be Heartache Tonight by the Eagles. The Eagles are a GREAT band and it's a great song. I would rock it out hard! It's a great song to belt out. The “Eagles” come through again!!

  2. it depends...
    If we're going for song itself, then for sure "I just called to say I love you" by Stevie Wonder (one of my all time favs). If costumes and dancing are involved, then "Ghostbusters" by Ray Parker Jr. That way I can have a giant pack on my back and say "I aint 'fraid of no ghosts."

    ps- who knew you had a blog? I've been missing out.

  3. This was definitely fun - thanks Courtney. My song of choice would be "You Light Up My Life" - Debby Boone. And boy, would I sound awesome! And look hot.

  4. Oh man. This is a tough one. '83 is chock full of tasty treats. I think I'm going to go with "You can't hurry love" by Phil Collins but do it metal-core style. Lots of leather. Lots of shredding. Big hair. Maybe some tears.
    However, if I can borrow Dustin, maybe we could do the best duet ever "Up Where we Belong". That is my jam.

  5. The problem as I see it, is that when you are as old as I am, you do not know any of the songs from your birth year as no one plays them anymore! Be Bop Baby isn't even on my top 100! May I pick a different year pleeeeeeeeeeeeese?

  6. Fun post! I don't watch AI - I don't know why, but it really bores me. I do love SYTYCD so I'm not a reality TV snob (at least not that much of one!). I tune in occasionally but not enough to know whether a girl can sing a song that was originally sung by a man. Because the songs from my birth year that I like are by Steve Miller Band, The Eagles, Aerosmith - just not sure if that's acceptable in the American Idol world. Care to enlighten me?!

  7. First of all, I'm just glad you put in that Disclaimer - - I've lost track of how many "favorite" songs you have! But Cyndi Lauper? You're killin' me...must be your mother's genes! :-) I'd have to go with a medley of "Your Cheatin' Heart" and "C'est Si Bon", just to show off my incredible range and capacity for dialects... I could win for "oldest American Idol"...

  8. I'm glad the 'parents' commented on this as well ... because to be totally, um, honest, I didn't know a lot of the songs from my birth year WAY back in the day. Clicking on 1984 to see your list made me throw up a little in my mouth. ;)

    But here are my top 3:

    1. Margaritaville
    2. Da Doo Ron Ron
    3. Hotel California

    Truthfully I would pick #21 ... the theme to Rocky, but I don't think it had words.

    And you KNOW I could tap into my inner Buffett and rock out Margaritaville in my Tommy Bahama gear.

  9. Also ... MY Megan said this is her Top 3:

    1. Love Song - Sara Bareilles
    2. Get Low - Flo Rida
    3. Touch My Body - Mariah Carey

    She threw in the Mariah song for her dad ... since he's a fan ... even if she is skeezy now (Mariah ... not Megan)

  10. good picks guys! The Eagles seem to be a popular choice, and bonus points go to Susan and Mer for considering the importance of costumes.
    Megan- You can totally rock a guy song...or a band song. it's your world baby!
    Parents- I too love that you weighed in on this. AI is all about the variety!
    And parsons- get your girl some class. Well, tell Jill to get your girl some class!
    Fun stuff everyone, thanks for playing!

  11. dude, you know i love myself some american idol (OR most reality tv) - mainly b/c it makes me remember how great some songs are. i immediately downloaded total eclipse of the heart last week after the show!

    i think i would choose tina turner, what's love got to do with it"!! it was tough b/c i really wanted to do a lionel richie song (since there was two on the list!!) but i went with my girl tina!! i'm pretty sure i wouldn't be able to do it better than the original and simon would for sure sure point that out but i would have fun trying :)
    love, stacy

  12. i think my choice would be (I've Had) "The Time Of My Life", Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes...not only is it a GREAT song but it is also from the Dirty Dancing soundtrack..which is one of my favorite movies ever! But not only would i want to sing it..i would want to dance it out with some hott guy who could lift me up over his head..haha :)


  13. Without a doubt the answer is "Endless Love." Heartfelt, soulful, and referenced in Happy Gilmore...judges say GOOD!

    As for Christina, the choice is obvious, I'll Tumble 4 You - Culture Club. Red hair, Boy George, ripped up t-shirt, who wouldn't vote for that.

  14. ooh. i had no part in that decision. i think i may be voted out this week. after much deliberation with the 1983 list...i had a giant shoulder shrug and a questionable Allentown by Billy Joel pick. my passion is modeling. i'm contorting myself into a couture pose as i type.