Friday, April 4, 2008

Oh, this old thing?

Well, I'm sick again. Yep, again. Between the mystery cold of near death proportions, and the harrowing case of maybe scabies (ok, I exaggerate!) and now my newest ailment, I have been to the doctor 3 times in a month and a half. This is especially strange, considering the fact that before this streak of calamaties I hadn't been to the doctor in as long as I can remember. I didn't even have a doctor in Cincinnati if that tells you anything. I stayed home a couple days this week, but eventually had to drag myself back to work. Don’t worry: I brought supplies...
Ready to attack the day. And by attack, I mean survive. Barely.

But, lest our blog become a mundane rerun (already? That’s like doing a clip show in your first season! See: “creative laziness, possibly even a sign that the show [ahem, blog] has jumped the shark”), let me reassure you. I have an update! Remember my recent artistic aspirations? Well my nesting dolls have arrived! And the packaging alone was worth the purchase price. Check out the parcel I received (which required a signature upon delivery no less). I was pretty sure it contained a live chicken. Or a bomb.

And the address this a real place?

I know they’re called Matryoshka, but I didn’t realize Amazon would ship them directly from behind the Iron Curtain (what? Does that not exist anymore? No history lessons head already hurts!) But inside the old-world packaging were my tiny wooden dolls; blank canvases, ready for a fresh dose of creativity.
Too bad I’m fresh out of inspiration this week. 'Pretty nesting fun time' will have to wait until the hazy clouds of sickness have parted. Soon, I hope.


  1. Sorry you're sick! Reva has been the same way - healthy for a week, then sick for 2...back and forth! FYI - You inspired me...I bought a set of the nesting dolls to decorate as well! But about 24 hours after I purchased them, I realized that I will somehow have to draw faces on these dolls!!! I was thinking I could just paint them up pretty!!! So, now I'm worried that stick figure nesting dolls won't be so cool...just say prayer that you don't get any of mine!!!

  2. Hey Karen!
    I'm excited you're making dolls too. I wouldn't worry about giving them faces....just do what you want! There's no rule (well except that pesky deadline- I need to get on it!)