Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Summer of Awesome

I love summer!

LOVE it!!

Three best reasons for becoming a teacher... June, July, and August.

For 5 years of being a teacher, I wasted every summer. Yeah... I took a vacation here and there. I played some golf. I got tan and went to the pool a couple of times, but I never really took advantage of the summer months. I never got a summer job (said I would...never did), I watched too much TV and spent too much time feeling lousy about wasting the beautifil weather.

However, I'm not a teacher anymore. I'm in the corporate world now baby. So what am I doing this summer? Taking advantage! Here's a list of activities:

1.) Biking to work - I actually got a bike today and will start making the trek to work here soon.
2.) Joined the company rowing team. - That's right. Once a week I will row on the company crew team. At the end of practice we get "beverages" donated to us by Penn Brewery. Awesome!
3.) Young Life Softball Team - Througout the summer I will be playing softball. We'll play either one or two games on Sunday afternoons.
4.) Half Day Fridays - These are not guaranteed, but I'm pretty sure that from Memorial day to Lador day I'll get out on Fridays at noon. I plan on playing as much golf as I can.

So with all that, I think this will be the first summer in a while where I won't feel like I wasted it completely. I'll have a job, have outside activities, and have a vacation or two. What more could I ask for?

So I ask you... What are your summer plans? I know some people who already have every weekend booked, some who are getting married... the list goes on. So share some of your plans! Connect with the blog community. Don't assume I know your plans already. (because I probably don't!)


  1. You sound like you have a great plan to enjoy the outside for this summer Dustin - even if you do have to work! (just hope we don't have hurricanes all summer...) :)

    Our summer plans include going to Myrtle Beach at the end of May with Jon's family (5 kids under the age of 3 I might add, so it won't be relaxing...but an adventure nonetheless!), spending a week in O.C NJ with my family in July, and possibly a weekend up at my inlaws moutain house in the Poconos. Those are our trips, and then the rest of the summer we try and get outside as much as we can too. Being home with the kids that means I get to playground hop to all the playgrounds in the area :) Also, getting to a pool (either a friends or my inlaws) as much as possible is crucial!

  2. Between your rowing and the softball team, I'm pretty sure my summer plans are going to involve a lot of pom poms and cheering. Oh- and that pesky job thing should keep me busy too. But maybe my husband will plan a trip for us? Yes, that would be nice!

  3. Sounds so you'll probably want Courtney's HS crew jacket back to wear on rainy days. I'll see if I can get your name put on it. You did however forget "summer of awesome love #5"~
    VISITING your "favorite" inlaws in OHIO!! Must have just slipped your mind! So glad you are happy!

  4. Ok Court, an update on the nesting dolls? I have come up with an idea, which involves MODGE PODGE, and no painting faces!!! Yeah! If they turn out well, I'll take a photo before I send them off. If they don't turn out well, I probably won't want any evidence, so that I can plausibly deny responsibility should you receive mine!!!

    How are yours going?

  5. Karen, that is totally my plan too! I even thought that I would only take pictures if I like them...ha ha. I'll totally take a photo of my swapped set though, so everyone can see what talent other people have! :)

  6. Summer plans - swimming as much as possible, going to the beach for a week in August and day trips the rest of the summer, park hoping, playdates. Not too different from the rest of the year - but during the summer the majority of our time is outside.

  7. summer? i forgot about summer... i've been so busy thinking about fall! i'm hoping for more freckles on my face but no tan lines, a weekend vacation to chicago, bridal shower/bachelorette/general fun with all my girls, sundresses, no humidity, and seeing you guys!

  8. i've been informed that my summer will mainly consist of babysitting and yard work... then again, i too have farted away the last 7 consecutive summers as a teacher, and so i guess it's my time to reap what i have sown in the past...