Sunday, April 27, 2008

We want a pitcher...not a belly itcher!

Today was the first official softball game for Dustin. His team is made up mostly of Young Life leaders or kids, with some other friends mixed in. They started the season out big with a double header which was filled with action. I went as a cheerleader and unofficial team photographer. But I won't report the scores of the games for two reasons:
1: Between the bumble bees, the numerous stray children and dogs and the pile of magazines I brought, it was difficult to keep track.
2: It's not whether you win or lose; it's how you play the game! (that may give you a hint as to the outcome....)

I'm sure Dustin will have his 2 cents to add, but his current shoulder injury may keep him off the keyboard for a bit! Regardless, it was a fun day and I got some great pictures (and a bit of a sunburn!) Summer is on its way!
Rick pitched a good 17 innings before his arm gave out. And that was only the first game!
Dustin is totally rocking the Michael Jackson glove.
The ladies enjoying the sunshine...I mean...serious game time action!
The guy standing on base is the 1st base judge. Otherwise he'd totally be safe.
I'm pretty sure this run ended in a hardcore slide, a collision and some major cleat marks. Worth it!
Our local Marmaduke totally wanted to get in on the fun.


  1. My children are not strays...they just tend to wander a bit...and they share their snacks! :)

  2. That was from me, by the way.....Rachel, that is. Not Tina...her kids are total strays.....