Thursday, May 22, 2008

Gotta Dance!

First off? Nailed it. I am a soothsayer.

In related news....
America's Next Top Model, Project Runway, Top Chef, Survivor, Biggest Loser, Real Desperate Housewives (of the OC and NYC), The Bachelor[ette]. Clearly I love me some reality show competitions. (alright, you got me, the "housewives" shows aren't exactly a competition....unless you count their constant desire to out-sass, out-shop and out-skank each other; which should totally count.)
BUT- Tonight! Is epic! For it is the return of perhaps my favorite reality series of all. (Yes, to a true tv lover like me, it is little like choosing your most beloved child, but isn't fair, and I love this show, so there you have it.)
Tonight! Is the premiere of season 4 of So You Think You Can Dance (if you were watching Idol close enough last night, you may have noticed special spotlight of last year's dancers. It was the best subliminal plug ever. Oh have reeled me in and you know it!)

For those of you not as well versed in the sheer brilliance of this competition, allow me to present your crash course in the details of the show, and the multitude of reasons it is awesome:

Host- Cat Deeley. She is my tv idol. There are not enough web pages in the world to list all the details of her awesomeness. She's like a thousand feet tall, completely gorgeous, with amazing hair. Witness:

Look at those legs! And bouncy locks!
I want to be her when I grow up!

Plus, she wears the most ridiculous, but somehow beautiful outfits. Exhibit B:

Why does this not look like a Halloween costume?
Or if it does, why do I like it anyway?

But perhaps the thing I like about her best, is that despite her clear superiority in every way, she still seems like she could be your friend. She truly admires the contestants, and really seems to appreciate her role in the whole spectacle. Plus, she has the funniest accent (she calls Judges "jijiz"). How can you not like that?

She has mastered the 'come hither' look.
Sassy, not snobby.

Judges- Speaking of jijiz, let's talk about Mary Murphy.

Talk? No, let's SHOUT!

Mary is the reason for the euphemism "train wreck". Her energy, enthusiasm and sheer madness puts Paula Abdul to shame. She has a trademark scream, smiles with every last one of her teeth, and when people do well, her critique consists of giving out imaginary tickets on the "hot tamale train". Oh, how I love her.

The feeling is mutual, I just know it.

They have every type of dance you can think of, so naturally they have an incredible mix of music. Each night is a melodic surprise, with everything from Mr. Bojangles from Fosse, to Apologize by One Republic to Gravity by Shawn McDonald.

Performances- Oh yeah....the dancing. Despite all the other amazing aspects of the show, the true reason I tune in every week (and save them on my DVR for repeated viewing) is the incredible talent of the dancers. they do things I could only dream of doing (and oh, do I dream!) and make it look effortless.

But it's not just the dancing. It's the entire production. The choreography is spectacular, representing every genre of dance imaginable. Wade Robson, Shane Sparks and tons of others are always dreaming up new routines, which range from dramatic, to wild, to hilarious, to sensitive. This varied spectrum, combined with the costumes, the lights, the props, makes each couple minute routine a memorable part of the whole.

The show has inspired me more than I should probably admit. After all, are most viewers moved enough to sign up for hip-hop lessons? or to push the furniture out of their living room to practice turns? Or to ask their stylist friends to outfit them for their dance class? Probably not. But I am nothing if not passionate, and I refuse to be ashamed of my latest hobby. Even if it was spurred on by Fox Reality. (hey- at least it wasn't COPS!)

So, while you're waiting with bated breath for the newest episode, I leave you with two of my favorite performances of last season.

"Robot Guy" from auditions. So, so cool.
Lauren and Pacha dance to Fuego by Pitbull. Dustin and I practiced for weeks. Well, we could have, but it probably wouldn't have mattered.

And if all of that failed to inspire a passion, perhaps this will do the trick.
Oh, I can hardly stand it!


  1. yay courtney!!!! i'm a fellow LOVER of this show myself - my most favorite show! did you see my post about it?
    did you like the show last night? fun fun fun. love cat deeley myself! :)

  2. love this post - i loved that you were learning the dance - I think i want a performance! I was so excited to watch last night, Matt and I both watched all two hours and could have watched more. Cat Deeley is my all time fav host - she is just so much better than Ryan Seacrest, she actually seems sincere. We'll all have to keep the sytycd talk up through the season...