Sunday, May 11, 2008

"M" is for the many things...

In honor of Mother's Day (if you haven't called your mom it NOW!), the fabulous pregnant women in my life (Shout out to Shayne and Rachel!) and a beautiful baby I FINALLY got to meet in person this week, I have compiled a few fun baby-related finds.

A couple of my favorites....

The Wheel of Responsibility is great for settling diaper change fights.
On a similar note, On/Off duty pillowcases alleviate nighttime arguments. (I'd probably find a way to glue mine down in the permanent "off" position!)
And for your wee little man: Pee-Pee Teepees.

Check these out (and tons of other cute things) at Spoon Sisters. Found via whoorl/parentdish.

On the home decor front: I love these posters by Robin Rosenthal. They're great for kids rooms, but are still very sophisticated and modern.

These "Alternative Motivational Posters by Right Brain Terrain aren't necessarily designed for kids, but I love their messages and think they'd look great in a child's room.

These are two of my favorites:

Enjoy your Mother's Day!

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