Monday, July 21, 2008

It Takes a Village

It may have seemed a bit quiet around these parts lately, but I assure you there was plenty of action happening off-line. After the big purchase (Oh, have you heard? I may have mentioned it once or twice.) it was time for some big changes. Namely: four of the rooms needed to be repainted. But we only had a weekend to get it done, so we had to call in reinforcements.

So a HUGE Bowdenisms shout out goes to the following (in chronological order of arrival because we're all about fairness):
Tis, Tina, Mom, Vern, Jay (lending a ladder counts!) Rachel, Rick, Sean, Carrie, Lowe, and Hannah, Lance, with their pup Tate (our backyard totally needed a dog's touch) We absolutely couldn't have done it without you all. Having our friends and family around made everything go so much faster, but it made it so much more fun as well. We are so blessed to have such generous friends. We barely had to ask, and they showed up in droves! 

Some of the action was documented (I would have been happy to put down the brush in favor of documenting the process, but I don't think my companions would have been to thrilled about that.) Check out some of the highlights:

If you are sad you missed the fun....Fear Not! For the painting may by over, but the big move is still to come. Great seats are still available! (And by "seats" I mean hours of slave labor for which you will be compensated in beer and pizza.) You know you can't resist that opportunity; I will see you all at noon on Friday...right?

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