Thursday, August 21, 2008


Though the title says "after" I think "during" is more appropriate. I certainly don't feel like we're done with anything. But regardless of the little changes we'll continue to make (probably forever!) it does feel like home, and we're excited to share with everyone, even if it's only a virtual tour.

Two disclaimers before we begin:
1- This video was taken the day after our little soiree, so some areas were a little worse for wear. I guess that's where the "after" title does apply.
2- I look a bit like a vampire. I blame the lighting, and perhaps a wee bit of a hangover. That "after" label just keeps getting more accurate.

Without further ado, I present the current homeland report.

"After" Tour from Courtney Bowden on Vimeo.


  1. I tried desperately to watch your vampire movie, but apparently I need to log on to something.....I got confused and ended up hurting myself. Please send help...or at least a password.


  2. WHERE'S THE CRAP COUCH?!?!? Did I miss it somewhere?

    (P.S. Karen and I have argued for the last 15 minutes as to whether the proper name was "Crap Couch" or whether it was "Crap Chair." So, any clarification you could provide would be fantastic...)

  3. Rachel- Fixed it.

    Riel-Alas, you are both incorrect, as it was affectionately named "stupid couch". We actually had to part with that fine piece of furniture before we left cincinnati. We set it outside while we went to dinner, and it was gone when we got back. I remember it fondly, and hope its bringing joy to another young couple. We are currently in the market for a chair of the "non-crap" variety.

  4. loved the tour - i think your house is more put together in a month than ours will ever be!

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  6. Just watched the before and after tours of your case I forgot what it looked like...