Saturday, September 13, 2008

I'm BAAAaaaack...

Hey ummm... remember me? No? Well that's because it has been since April since I last wrote.

I've had a bit of writer's block. Nothing funny, or interesting, or terribly creative to write for some time. To top it off, Courtney has been churning out greats posts for months! How can I even come close to that?

Seriously though, if you haven't been keeping up with the blog, read through it. Courtney has been doing an excellent job! She's creative and absolutely hilarious! (Love you babe!)

So how do I update you on the last few months of my life? I don't. If you want to know, call me.

The remainder of this post will be about one of my favorite things...


It's that time again, and this year I have stepped up my game... or games really. I am in 4 FFB leagues this year. That is double the number I was in last year. It just kind of happened.

This year, I won the March Madness Tournament we had at work, so when I got asked to play FFB I said yes thinking it was easy money. I'm 1-0 in that league so far. On my way to winning the prize.

I'm in the same 2 leagues that I was in last year. One is for money and one is not. I won both games in those leagues as well, but in the league for money I was the highest scorer for the week and hence won $5. I barely beat out last year's winner Courtney by 1 point.

And then there's my final league. The WCW (Women Can't Win) League. There are no women allowed in this league and hence the name. This league so far has been great! We had a LIVE draft. It was so much fun. We drank beer, ate food, and made fun of each other for 3 hours while drafting football players. It was great! I had a great week in that league as well as I was the high scorer for the week. This league is for money and a sweet trophy, but there is no weekly prize, but I was paid in spite points, and that's good enough.

So you're probably dying to kow what my team name is in each of my leagues. I named them all the same. I am coach and owner of the Cheese Steak Mafia.

Hopefully I can have some more lively posts. This was me getting back on the wagon. Come back soon as I'm sure Courtney has a great post on the way!!

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