Monday, December 22, 2008

Give a little bit...

Saw this idea and just had to share. Maybe you’ve already bought all of your gifts (congrats! We’re not even close!) or maybe you have a list a mile long (goodness knows we asked for a few things....) But either way, I just love how this simplifies the gifting portion of Christmas. We’re always looking for ways to minimize the financial strain of the holidays, while still keeping it fun. These four groups really seem to highlight key sentiments for exchanging gifts....Want and Need are perfect, and I’m a sucker clothes and books! But it would be fun to customize the tradition with other categories too; maybe “Make” for some homemade crafts or goodies, or “Surprise” for those special gifts that defy categorization. I think this would be an excellent idea for kids, they seem to get so many gifts they can’t keep track anymore! Any other good ideas for keeping gift giving simple and meaningful?

Photo and tradition from the crafty very cute Dandee who has yet another great site My Favorite Things.

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  1. I really LOVE that idea!

    Hope your Christmas was wonderful! Any highlights to share? I'm sure it's coming soon, but I'm waiting with baited breath...