Thursday, December 11, 2008


Remember The List? Well we are making some headway. I already showed you the fruits of my video labor (#3 on my list), but there are some bigger developments in the works on both our parts.
#6 Try at least three new recipes
I've attempted a few so far, but I actually ended up trying three in one day! My first was Brie en Croute, which I think turned out quite nicely!

The next two were a combo deal: Big Martha's Mashed Potatoes (if SnoopDogg can make them, so can I), inside Homemade Pierogies. I've always liked pierogies (what's not to like about pasta and sour cream?!), but since moving to Pittsburgh, the love has grown (Pierogies are serious business here: 'Burghers eat 11 times more pierogies than other city in the country. And one of the between inning events at Pirates games is a Pierogi Race). I guess I figured when in Rome... So I wanted to attempt to make my own. Most people here have a grandma with a secret recipe, but I had to rely on recipezaar. They turned out great! But I won't lie, Mrs. T's are just about as good with one-tenth the effort.

You can almost smell the deliciousness- even in a camera phone picture!

#19 Do a craft..

I love the "found letters" type photos on flickr, and thought it would be fun to make a collage of initials. Kinda busy, kinda crazy, but I think it'll be cute framed with a big white mat.


#1 Install digital thermostat
I ordered a LUX Smart Temp Touch Screen (Consumer Reports best Buy!). I installed it today and it was really quite easy. I had to do some spackling work around it where the old thermostat was. The old one worked just fine, but I kept forgetting to turn the heat down when I leave for work, so this new one will have a program for each day of the week so I don't have to remember. Saving energy AND saving money...yea!

#14 watch an Eagles football game
On Sunday I watched as my Eagles beat the first place NY Giants. Their playoff hopes are still alive as they take on Cleveland next week on Monday night!

#19 eat lunch with somebody at work
So, I pretty much eat lunch at my desk by myself. It's not that I don't have any friends or anything... it's just that work gets really busy a lot and I work while I eat. This week though, I saw a couple of friends and they were gracious enough to invite me to eat with them! (Thanks Amy and Brad!)

And a couple items showed up on both of our lists:

My #1, and Dustin's #7 tasks were to go out on a fancy dinner date. Friday we finally made time for it, and went to Umi, a sushi place in a swanky nearby neighborhood. Dustin upped the ante by completing #11 on his list: dressing nicer- He wore a new M&O blazer. Très chic! We had a good time, but decided cheap sushi is more our style- I love a giant roll with tons of rice stuffed with chream cheese. Not exactly authentic, but at least you're full when it's over!

The other thing we both had as a goal was my #15- Decorate the guest bedroom, which is currently more of a dumping ground than a bedroom. First step: Dustin's #17- strip the wall paper. We were scared this was going to be a giant undertaking, especially because we have plaster walls. But we gave it a shot today, and had it all peeled off within an hour- no chemicals necessary! Next up- paint and furniture!

Bye bye "baby triplets" wallpaper!

Oh, the carnage!

So that's about it so far. Having a list has been so rewarding for me. Some of the things are to-do list type items, which are satisfying to cross off. And some of the list is just fun stuff, that I don't always make time for. If you haven't made a list of your own yet, I highly recommend it!

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  1. Not gonna lie ... I'm a bit envious of that initials collage ... hmm, how can I create that magic on my own? Please teach me your ways.

    And dang it, that digital thermometery thing sounds cool too.

    Oh how the tables have turned. We may have gotten the coffee table first, but obviously we have turned into a 'jocking the Bowdens' role with a quickness.