Sunday, February 8, 2009

100th Post Spectacular!

That's right folks, Bowdenisms has reached quite a big milestone: 100 Posts. (TA-DA! Crowd noise......cheers.....epic rolls of thunderous applause!.....crickets?)

Now, if this was a sitcom celebrating our 100th episode, we'd kick back, take a break and let a clip-show do all the work. But No! Because you deserve better! (And by "you" I mean the faithful reader, i.e. my mother, and anyone who also has a blog and knows what it's like to not get any comments. That's pretty much our fan base here. Not that there's anything wrong with that!)

In thinking about reaching triple digits, I started to examine my goals for this blog. We started about a year ago, as kind of a lark, not sure what the point was, or where it would lead. There are a thousand reasons to start a blog, ranging from loving the sound (or type?) of your own voice, to dreams of Internet stardom. I'm not sure that in the beginning, Dus or I had a real plan- we thought we'd try it out, have some fun and see if we had anything interesting left to say after a week and a half. Apparently we have plenty left to be the judge of the interesting part.

So we've got a good start on the longevity aspect, but the real question is: why bother? We're just two of the billion or so people tip-tapping away at their keyboards everyday. Will our little niche on the Internet ever get noticed? Probably not. Will I be remembered as an influential online writer of my time? Not likely. But I think the biggest mistake in blogging is doing it for other people. The times I've enjoyed it most have been when I ignore who might read it, forget the imaginary pressure that I "should" write more often, and just do it for me. So on that note, I give you the top 3 reasons I blog:
  1. To preserve memories. I love being able to look back on a week, month, or year (!) ago and see what we were doing, and relive memories told in my own voice- it's like a diary but with better pictures. I'm excited to look back in a few years, and see that yes- we did sleep til noon, watch a crap ton of TV, host some sweet parties, and yes- it was amazing. The part I think I need to do a better job of, is upping the honesty, and showing the not so exciting parts of our story. No, I don't want to bore you with the daily grind of our lives, but if I'm a bit more forthcoming about our trials, I think it'll be more rewarding to look back on later. So I hope for many more holiday slide shows, and some frivolous reality TV posts, but most of all I hope to be honest about my successes and my fears, aiming to create a somewhat accurate time-capsule of my life. Even if it's just for me.
  2. To express myself. Part of the reason I sit down to write every 4 days or so (statistical average, by no means have I been able to create a regular rhythm to my posts), is because it's fun! I like telling stories, sharing things I love, examining my thoughts and sometimes just creating some Internet nonsense. Sometimes I'll sit for an hour searching for the exact right words to express the swirl of thoughts in my mind. Other times I'll post a picture, write a caption and call it a day. But the blog has become a part of my life. During outings I think about how to best recap the action, on special occasions I dream of ways to showcase it here. At it's simplest, it's forced me to take more photos, but at it's best, it's forced me to live more actively. I've made lists as a form of public accountability, I've professed my love for my husband and I've lamented growing older. I've taken my swarm of thoughts and emotions and formed a tangible version, recorded in my own style.
  3. To connect with others. Despite saying that I keep a blog primarily for personal reasons, one of the big benefits is the interaction with people. I've reconnected with faraway friends through their sites, and I've met new people through an expanding Internet circle. It's been a way for me to update family on our lives, and given them an opportunity to know us in a way they may not have otherwise gotten the chance.
So, those are my favorite parts of this online adventure so far, and a glimpse into the future of our journey. Thanks for joining the Centennial Celebration. Hopefully we'll see you again in 100 more.


  1. oh courtney, i'm so happy you have a blog!!! i absolutely love it.

    and i agree with the top 3 reasons to have a blog - certainly are a pretty close match to my reasons as well. and yes, it is fun to receive comments!! :)

    your blog is entertaining, you are a really talented writer (your posts never get boring or drawn out like mine can be), you are hilarious, and i LOVE reading about your life together pre-kids. you will certainly appreciate having those memories of things you guys did together before diapers, baby food and elmo :)

    so glad i think we're getting to know each other better thru our blogs! keep on clicking away on those keys... :)

  2. congrats on the 100th blog! I was just thinking the same thoughts today as I was reading some "famous" blogs like "Bring the Rain" and others that stemmed from her site, wondering if I'll ever have 1,000+ responses after 1 post, wondering if I'll ever have an impressive story to share that people will be drawn to, wondering what difference I AM making with my blog.
    In the end, I think that the satifcation is from within...hearing my thoughts, seeing our accomplishments and living our lives so that we can share with just a few and still be happy:-)

  3. I guess a 100th post is as good as time as any for us lurkers to de-lurk.

    I agree with Renee, you are a very gifted writer and write a very entertaining blog here!

    Happy 100th!

  4. 100~wow. I've really read 100 of these? Seems like only 99. That is a lot of reading! On an occasion like this at school we'd bring in "100 collections" (would you like 100 gumballs, 100 safetypins, or 100 plastic handclappers?) We'd take 100 steps around the school and do an entire day's worth of fun, silly and EDUCATIONAL (NOT at all meaninless) activities to celebrate! So go out, eat 100 gummie worms, buy a hot chocolate with 100 marshmellows, and know that your mom has enjoyed all 100 words of your blog (ok 89. There were 11 words I just didn't "get"~ probably Dustin's!) When I'm in the nursing home and you come once a week to braid my hair and bring me masking tape so I came make loops for the wall, bring the "old blog" with you so I can "remember when?" 0x0x0 Your loyal reader, Mom

  5. I've been here so many times to leave a comment and then end up being distracted (I've written at least 3 emails since I started).
    Anyway, I love your blog and your writing. I think you're doing it for the right reasons - writing for yourself and to remember the important things in your life. Of course comments are fun, but you never know what spurs someone to actually comment.
    Ok, if I don't finish this now I will end up having to start over. Keep expressing yourself because I really look forward to it!

  6. Courtney, Sorry we never wrote a comment before. Bob and I LOVE reading your blogs. We didn't have much chance to really get to know you before we moved so far away. While reading your blog(s) we have learned so much about who you are and feel much closer to you because of it. We think you are an incredible writer and hope that someday you put the 100 + blogs into book form. You will become famous and go on Oprah! Thanks for letting me know what's going on in your lives. Bob and Dustin talk on the phone, but you know how 'boy' conversations are! I learn much more this way! Look forward to seeing you both (next Sunday). It's 75 degrees today - let's hope it stays up there! Love, YMIL PS Have a fun Valentine's Day!!