Thursday, February 19, 2009


Sometimes I joke that I should have been born Latina. Or, that perhaps I was, and someday my real father Julio will return. But no sign of him yet, so I take it upon myself to live up to my imaginary Hispanic roots.

In all seriousness though, I've always just loved Latin culture. Since I could talk I could roll my R's (Dustin is so jealous!) and we went to Guadalajara and Acapulco several times before I could walk (we unfortunately stopped going before I could really form memories of the trips). In addition, several sets of my cousins had parents from other countries and grew up bilingual (Spanish and Portuguese) which was fascinating to me. Growing up as a blonde girl in Ohio, I wanted to be a part of something exotic and exciting. I've made attempts to learn Spanish (Estudié por cuatro años en la escuela secundario y universidad), I once had a subscription to "People en Español", have celebrated Cinco de Mayo with an enthusiasm that riveled that for my birthday, and I've traveled to Mexico, Puerto Rico, and New York City (Trust me, it counts!). But one of my favorite aspects of the culture has always been the music and dancing. I've taken salsa and merengue lessons, dabbled in bachata and learned the Macarena before it was cool. In fact, of my favorite songs in High School was "Latinos" by Proyecto Uno. (Please watch the video and then try to picture me and my preppy ponytail rocking out with my Puerto Rican best friend..."Son Latinos. Say it Loud!")

Dustin does his best to indulge my Hispanic delusions. He'll take me dancing, and tolerate listening to Daddy Yankee songs on repeat, but he doesn't quite share my enthusiasm (imagine that!) So, on Sunday we were watching (don't judge) "Step Up 2: The Streets" and there was a scene where one of the characters held a Salsa bar-b-que in her backyard, complete with festive lights, great music and a packed dance floor. Immediately I asked if we could host such a shin dig, and his response was no. And his reasons? We have a sloped back yard, no Latin friends, and we'd be the only ones dancing. But I will not be deterred. So as soon as the snow melts and the ground thaws, I believe it is time for a fiesta at the Bowden's. I'll make the Medianoches and Sangria. All you have to do is dance.


  1. will there be menudo? if so, i'm in.

  2. I'm in CA reading this and I am just laughing out loud! You two make me laugh so much - plus my hubby totally watched that movie BY HIMSELF! Maybe I can get him to host a hispanic party