Friday, March 13, 2009

Thy loyal children we will be...

Part 5 in a 5 part guide to Cincinnati.

For our last stop, I can't really give any recommendations, because today's list is of places I never experienced first hand. There millions of things do to in Cincinnati (rough estimate I suppose...) but these are such well-known local spots, I can't believe (or explain) why I didn't check these out. Guess I have some ideas for my next visit!

Coney Island
This place has it all- their slogan is actually "Coney Has It". Rides, a giant pool, and (I assume) fried food galore? Yes please!

Newport aquarium
Not sure why I never made it here. I love aquariums, and I’ve heard this is a great one. (It has penguins!....need I mention my love for them again?)

Contemporary Arts Center
Considering I went to college for art and design, it seems a little crazy that I didn't ever visit this museum. It will surely be the first stop on my next trip back.

American sign museum
My friend Sarah got her engagement pictures taken here, and it was just so cool. I used to drive by this place on my way to school- they have old signs laying out back too (like a giant light up arby’s hat) and it seemed like a great spot for vintage fun.

Cincinnati Observatory
Sarah got married here. Maybe I just wish I was her? Kidding, but it is absolutely gorgeous.

Great Wolf Lodge
I’ve never been to an indoor waterpark, but I imagine it’s a great cure for the winter-time-blues. Except for that whole- “have to wear a bathing suit in the dead of winter” part.

So, that about sums it up. What do you ready to plan a trip?
If you’re in the mood for more Cincinnati fun, check out these design related sites (warning: their advice is probably way better, and way cooler than mine.)

*And for those of you wondering.....the titles this week were an homage to UC’s alma mater. Thanks Rallycats!

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