Thursday, April 23, 2009

Style Test

Some people wake up focused on the first cup of coffee that will get their day going. Others look forward to their morning chat with coworkers around the water cooler. For me, my little piece of AM bliss is opening up my Google Reader. Every morning I am greeted with musings from my favorite online writers, photos from friends, and inspiration galore.

I love my collection of online delights, so imagine my excitement when I had the chance to be featured on one of my favorite sites! Kirstin, from Simply Grove was nice enough to offer up Style Diagnoses to some of her readers. Based on their five favorite photos, SG determined a person's signature style of decor. I loved reading what she came up with for others' submissions, but I was thrilled when she emailed my personal analysis:

Courtney's Style- Eclectic mix of Modern Glam with Youthful Traditional.

"These spaces are very Vogue. Fashion and Interiors love each other and really compliment each other. Colors are trendy and chic. Textiles are focal points as well as beautifully designed pieces of furniture. Looked at and longed for is the name of this game!"

Image from Domino. RIP.

I have a vague idea of what kind of spaces I gravitate towards, but I haven't been able to sum it up as well as she did. (Plus, who doesn't like being called "glam", "modern" and "youthful"?) But my favorite part is "looked at and longed for". It should serve as my personal motto to remember when shopping. Often I buy things I don't love, which leaves me feeling unsatisfied. If I limit my purchases to things I truly LONG for, I will end up with less stuff, but with a collection of treasures that represents who I am and what I truly adore.

Check out her full post HERE. (then wander around her site a won't be disappointed!)

Also- Along similar lines, Domino featured a company a few years ago that provides "Style Statements" to their clients. Previously the $500 consultation fee was a bit out of my reach, but now they've written a book to help readers "diagnose" themselves. I just picked it up at the library....expect a review soon!

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