Saturday, June 27, 2009

It's a great night to fight

Guess where we're going tonight.....
(here's where we pretend like I gave you eight guesses, shaking my head every time and acting more and more exasperated because're not even close. And trust're not even close- unless you got the BIG clue in the post title.)

Dustin and I are going to see an MMA fight! A UCFC fight to be exact (which is just a fancy rip-off acronym for a local event- just kidding...thanks for the tickets Jay!). They're calling it Rumble on the Rivers though, which is pretty awesome. You can see the full card here...but tonight's "main event" is between WEC champ Jamie Varner, and Rich "No Love" Clementi, which I think is a fantastic threatening-yet-obvious nickname. Aren't all fighters "no love"? Or do some of them apologize after and offer to dress the others' wounds? Maybe they give tiny warnings before throwing an elbow? Careful- I'm about to wreck you...just a friendly little heads up! :)

I do love the nicknames though....there are a gagillion fighters, so anything to keep them straight is helpful. For some reason I always remember Sergio "The Latin Snake" Mora from the boxing show The Contender. Check out the sweet list of nicknames from his season. Why don't we all have tags like that in everyday life? I could be Courtney "The Snappy Dresser" Bowden married to Dustin "The Math Manace" Bowden. Fierce right?

Anyway- I wasn't super excited, BUT then I found out Tito Ortiz is going to be there making a special guest appearance. He's totally my favorite- and by favorite, I mean one of the three guys I've heard of! (Truthfully Dana White is my favorite, but he's the president, not a fighter, so that doesn't count....and my other favorite is B.J. Penn who is kind of a big baby sometimes so I can't really pick him...and Rich Franklin should probably be my favorite because he's a Christian...BUT-Tito is the only one coming to Pittsburgh, so he is hereby my favorite!)

So all that said, I'm pretty pumped to hear some loud Latin Rap music, see some guys get beaten to a bloody pulp, and maybe eat some popcorn? But my main concern is what to wear(surprised?). I mean what does one wear to a fight? Other than brass knuckles of course....I actually google image searched "Mandy Moore UFC" because she's about the girliest regular attender the MMA has. Turns out camo or black t-shirts are the way to go. I know at best, I'll still be a least mildly out of place...but hopefully dressing the part can help. Rachel is going too, but she has dark hair, a nose ring and a couple of tatt's, so she is infinately more qualified than I am.

So, wish me luck on my violent adventure. If you're curious- you can read more about the event here (not sure that you'd want to....but maybe some of Dustin's readers are still lurking around?) Oh, and don't bother supporting Dustin...he'll be like a kid in an octagonal candy store. Only replace candy with loose teeth.

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