Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Happy House-iversary

This morning Dustin reminded me that today is a very special's the one year anniversary of buying our house! One year ago today, we unlocked our front door for the very first time, sat out on our deck, shared a hoagie, and dreamed about the future. I can barely believe it's only been a year, it seems like too short a time to hold all the memories that we already have.

Our friendships have grown here. New faces have walked in, and become a part of the new life we're developing. We've shared meals in the dining room, and played more rounds of Mexican train than you can count.

Our family has gathered here. Overnight guests have snuggled up in our spare bedrooms (and on our futon, couch and air mattress!). New babies have laughed (and cried) here, and new holiday traditions have been born.

Our marriage has been strengthened here. Under this roof we've grown together, and shared the deepest parts of our hearts. We've worked side by side to paint some walls, but we've also worked to love each other more.

Our ministry has blossomed here. Kids have crowded our living room, consumed all our Dr. Pepper and defaced our lawn. We've opened our home, and opened our hearts, hosting dance party sleep overs and encouraging honest conversations.
Our home has been more than a house. It's been a blessing in our lives.

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