Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Bowdens Go West: Las Vegas

After taking in the gorgeous desert sites of Arizona- Phoenix, Grand Canyon and Sedona, it was time to shift gears a bit: goodbye nature's beauty, hello man made excess! Las Vegas was certainly different than our last few locales, but I was really excited for the change in pace. Dustin had never been, and I had only gone once, back when I was about seventeen (an age which forbids most of Vegas' charms). Our plan was to get some sun, gamble a little, eat a ton, and just take in the sites. Done, done, done AND done.

Click on each photo to see close-up.

Abosolutely delicious. There are few things I love more than a burger!
And it's fun to be "gourmet" for a day.

Hotels are just about the only place in Vegas where you
can still find a deal. Adored our hotel.

Not a bad way to get out of the heat for a bit.

Dustin and I made reservations at a fancy shmancy place in the Bellagio.We got
all dressed up, trekked down a few blocks (me in heels!) were seated and presented
with the wine list.....and......we bailed. I just couldn't justify the expense, and felt
out of place in such a formal (i.e. stuffy) space. Thankfully Dustin understood and we
made a quiet exit. After both of us being cranky and hungry for a bit, we wandered into Seredipity. Best choice ever. From now on, no more "fancy for fancy sake" outings. I'm much more satisfied with great food in a comfortable and creative environment.

Didn't take as many pictures here as you would think. Too busy taking it all in, and besides, who wants to lug the camera around all day? But we managed to capture the highlights!


  1. God I want to get to Vegas SOOOO bad. I'm extremely jealous especially since you guys had such a great time. I love Hubert Keller on "Top Chef Masters" and I'm sure his place was great. Serendipity looked yummy and I'm with you guys ... all those prima donna chefs put their hoity-toity restaurants in vegas and then charge like double b/c they figure real money is like monopoly money to people in vegas. good call.