Sunday, September 27, 2009

Wonderful Weekend

Dustin and I went on two, count 'em, TWO dates this weekend. I think all our Western Adventures inspired us to get out and explore our own city a little more.

Friday I made reservations at a restaurant we passed a few weeks ago and wanted to try. On our way there we were treated to an amazing sunset. What a beautiful way to start an evening.

Dinner was delicious- and a nearby table provided our second spectacular view of the evening: a group of Steelers, including Hines Ward, Deshea Townsend, Tyrone Carter (Polamalu's back up) among others (in order to identify them all, we would've had to embarrass ourselves, and bother we admired from afar instead.) Seeing football players isn't rare in the Southside, but it was a still a bit crazy to eat dinner next to such a large group of pro-athletes.
But perhaps even more impressive then the guys themselves, were their cars. On our way out we passed a silver Aston Martin (license plate: Ooo-Wee!) and then parked next-to, nay, on-top of, our car was perhaps the largest truck I've ever seen- with rims to match of course. I had to climb over its gigantic wheels (there were 8 tires!) and weasel my way into my barely-cracked car door. Whoever parked that beast (one of the player's drivers perhaps?) is lucky they didn't scrape the paint on my ride!

Poor little Corolla.

So, we had a lovely dinner, and a small brush with fame....but the next night was just as nice. We went out for a late dinner at our local fake-irish pub where Dustin's friend/teacher, Joel and his band were playing. The food was delicious (potatoes, yum!) and the music was great, but the best part was just hanging out with Dustin. We had a great talk,, friends, future babies, fears, insecurities, hopes, life. We spend a lot of time together, but often it's filled with errand running, tv watching, working or sleeping. It was a welcome treat to sit and chat, and beyond that- to get into serious meaningful talks with the person I love most in this world. I am blessed.
Hope you all had a great weekend!

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  1. so jealous that you ate next to the steelers! very impressed that you didn't ooh and ahh too much (i guess that's how it is when your husband is an eagles fan)!