Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

So I know you're all dying to know what came of this outing, and this pile of mess:

Well, as you can maybe tell from the size of that pile, I was maybe a little over ambitious with my costume (I know no other way....). I got the crazy idea in my head to go as an Alien Robot, and subsequently bought every piece of silver/black/green/shiny/sparkly fabric that JoAnn's had to offer. I got two patterns, knowing I would have to alter either pretty substantially in order to fulfill my vision. What I didn't realize was the project would take a full two months to complete, rendering my dining room utterly useless in the meantime. Witness the construction-destruction:

I got about ninety-percent finished, and it was looking pretty grim. word had spread that I was working on my costume, and I was ashamed to inform people that the look my creation most resembled was a baked potato. but in the eleventh hour (figuratively of course, literally it must have been the forty-seventh hour at least) actually started to come together. It ended up being the quintessential Courtney project: a grandiose vision that's probably overkill for the situation, entirely too much effort, and results that make me proud yet slightly ashamed of my need to take everything to the theoretical level of "eleven". But I have to admit....I do make one heck of a robot:

Practicing my moves.

Making it fashion.

Deserves a detail shot.

And yes, I crimped my hair.

Oh, and I wore this little ditty to work; there was costume contest that included a "catwalk".
I showed my stuff, but didn't take home the prize. They'll be sorry when I take over their planet.....

In trick or treating news- it was a great night. We got about forty kids, and got through about half of our six bags of candy (that's note taking for next year). Dustin had the idea to bring the cornhole game out for kids to play. We set up lines according to age, and gave extra candy to anyone that made a shot (ok, we gave extra candy to everyone, but the "rules" added a sense of suspense!) Any holiday centered around costumes and candy is alright by me.


  1. You DO make one heck of a robot! I can't believe you made the outfit! Love the pics of the dance moves, too. You got robbed of the prize at should definitely infect them with some contagious alien affliction.

  2. Court!!! That dress is awesome- way to go! So proud of you for finishing in the 11th hour!

    And seriously, I bet the kids in your neighborhood rave about the "cool neighbors" that participate in talent shows, play corn hole and give out the good candy. I wish I could live in your neighborhood.

  3. Court - your hair is getting so long! i'm jealous!! oh, and the costume is amazing too, i expect nothing less than fabulous on halloween (and everyother day) from you!!
    love, stacy

  4. Thanks for the complements ladies!
    Suzz- you're welcome in my neigborhood (and my house!) any time!
    Stace- Where are your halloween costume pics? I know Injoo taught you well!