Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Season Six Superlatives

So I'm a little behind the times....I'm just now watching last night's episode, so let's just get right down to it. Rather than a traditional recap, I think it'd be fun to begin the season with some predictions about what's to come for each of the dancers. I present:

So You Think You Can Dance Season Six: Most likely to...........
  • Harp on the same topic each week: Channing. Did you guys hear she's kind of a tomboy? I know, right??
  • Annoy the crap out of me continually: Phillip- I don't care if you are part of the Urban Poets, I will not like you (oh wait, that actually makes me like you less. I mean, those "poems" don't even rhyme.)
  • Resemble a religious squash: Ashleigh. Ok, that's not really fair....
  • Almost live up to the legend of Billy Bell: Jakob. Seriously he's amazing. Almost as good as Billy would have been, or so the judges keep saying. Which reminds me.....
  • Have the Swine Flu: Billy Bell. What kind of illness knocks you out of a months long competition? Pig fever, that's what kind.
  • Be forgotten: Ariana. ('s true). I even forgot to bold her name.
  • Be a walking (dancing) stereotype: Peter, the "Italian Stallion". He's from Philly and had cheese(steak)y story about the importance of "family" *cough*mob*cough*.
  • Be adorable, ya'll!: Noelle. She's just a precious Southern belle, ya'll! With the biggest headband ever, ya'll! But she hurt her knee, ya'll. Pouty face, ya'll.....
  • Most likely to not fit in a style "box": Russell. Same old story, poor black kid from Boston, grows up in a rough neighborhood, becomes the first krumper on a famous show, channels Fred Astaire with his elegant fox trot performance. yaaaaawn.
  • Be the first/only girl tap dancer on the show so she sticks around way longer than she probably deserves: Bianca. I gotta say, she campaigned hard for this one...
  • Get mobbed by confused Kupono fans: Victor. (and by mobbed, I mean someone might ask him for an autograph, or at least directions if they're lost.)
  • Benefit/Suffer from Good Light/Bad Light syndrome: Karen. Is she gorgeous? Busted? Yes and yes.
  • Work the camera with his eyes: Kevin. (but those eyes weren't enough to distract from that secretary bun tonight.)
  • Grunt when he gets his swell on at the gym (so everyone can see how jacked and tan he is): Ryan. Did he mention he loves to work out, is a fitness nut and is very masculine? Oh, he did? Well did he prove it by never wearing a shirt, and doing push-ups using his bikini clad gourd (I mean wife) as a weight? Oh he did? Touché.
  • Have her mouth write checks her body can't cash: Ellenore. For real, I don't care how good you are, you do not say (in week ONE mind you...) that your routine may be the best dance in So You Think You Can Dance history. Leave the over-selling to Cat. That's half her job.
  • Fall in love with his partner: Brandon. He got the chance of a lifetime, getting tapped as a last minute sub for Billy Bell (who was SO GOOD.), and he's wasting it making googley-eyes at Pauline.
  • Be the turning point in which this little writing gimmick gets a little old, and decidedly more difficult: Pauline. My muse, she is not.
  • Steal the part of my heart that I thought was reserved for Kherington: Kathryn. By all accounts her bio should have turned me off (I'm from Georgia! I love the beach! I'm just a really down to earth girl!) but her dancing was so fun to watch. Dang these girls and their atypical K-names. Gets me every time.
  • Take it to the Streetz: Legacy. (p.s. he was a strong second in the "fall for his partner" category...but who can blame him?! That girl is adorable)
  • Bother me for no good reason: Nathan. I know I'm in the minority here. And I'm ok with that.
  • Be the love child of Hannah Montana and a Care Bear: Mmoollee. She's just such a goofball! **giggle giggle**......
  • Have a giant choreographer crush: Adam Shankman: Sonya rocked his world. He LOVES David Scott (every kind of David Scott) and thinks Travis Wall is "so young, so smart, so talented." And soooo cute. Ok, maybe I added that last part, but you know he was thinking it.
  • Squawk like a crazy person, fall apart, piece by fake piece, and consistently run cliches into the ground (some literary irony there for ya): Mary Murphy. Nuff said.
  • Go on, and on, and on, and on.....: Nigel Lythgoe. Keep it up buddy and Paula Abdul will never choose to sit next to you.
  • Be my idol in all aspects of life (or at least legginess, fashion sense, haircare what else is there in life?): Cat Deely. She is a vision!

Alright, now let's really get down to it. Tonight's Dancers in Danger (great band name!) are: Ariana, Brandon, Pauline (I don't know about this....) and Russell (WHAT?!?!)

And I won't toy with you (mostly because you already know)- the two going home are:
Brandon. Thought his solo was actually pretty impressive.....and apparently so did Nigel, who will be fighting to allow him back in the competition next year.
Ariana. Aw man, I just learned her name! What a waste.....

And because I've been voted most likely to think details like this actually matter....I give you this week's songs:
Rockin' Robin by Jackson Five.
Hit Me with A Hot Note (And Watch Me Bounce) from the Sophisticated Ladies soundtrack
Black & Gold by Sam Sparro
Vagabond Shoes by Vic Damone
Wasted Time by Me'Shell Ndegeocello
Push It by Glee Cast versoin (yes, you read that right. This is shameless cross promotion, and I am eating it UP.)
Arcadia by Apparat
You Light Up My Life by Whitney Houston
On & On by Missy Elliot
Turn the Beat Around (Pablo's 12" Remix) by Gloria Estefan
Darkest Hour by Charlotte Martin
Give the Drummer Sum by Black Milk
Magalenha by Sergio Mendes (which they totally cut short right before it got awesome)
Slow Dancing in a Burning Room by John Mayer
Never Say Never by The Fray (goodbye Ariana montage)
Where It Ends by 16 Frames (see ya next time Brandon montage)


  1. Love it, Courtney!!! You're my sardonic hero!

    I would like to add a few categories to the "most likely" list...if I may.

    *Most likely to sweat his own body weight - Jakob! Eeeeewwww gross! It was running down onto his (I'm sure lightweight) wool sweater.

    * Most likely to make a baby while performing - Karen and Kevin. Oh dear! Even though the Shankman admitted that Karen was not "exactly his type" (why did Kevin look so surprised?) he wanted to take the plunge.

    * Most likely to put her hand on someone else's husband's crotch - Ellenore! I get it! They're means nothing, yada, yada, yada. You probably shouldn't rest your hand below any man's belly button.

    *Most likely to show up on TMZ as a stalker - Brandon! He WILL be back next season...with Pauline tucked safely in his trunk.

    I think Russell was just a pawn in Nigel's game. No way would they send him home, even though he had to dance with an old leprechaun.

    I.Love.Disco. Did it make anyone else nervous when Mmoollee's ankle were clasped behind Nathan's neck and they were spinning????

    Loved Bianca...could do without Victor.

    I'm starting to agree about Phillip. There's something hinky about him. I think it's the way he holds his hands. It's as if he's too good to hold them a certain way....

    I bet Peter is the next guy to go...and that Noelle can't continue in the competition, so they bring back Arianna only to kick her off again. Who do you guys think?

  2. courtney and sisters, sooo sorry i feel like i'm so behind! believe it or not, i haven't even watched the "meet the top 20" episode yet (!!!) but i have watched this past weeks episode. Feeling a little overwhelmed lately and I miss my TV, but let's just say I'm working on prioritizing :) It's going well... just things like keeping up on my sisterhood posts are slacking a little. If I can get a non-SYTYCD blog post up before it's my turn again, I'll be super happy :) So much I've wanted to blog about latey....

    alrighty, though, my fav 2 pieces of the night were: Kathryn (loved her in this!)& Legacy's hip hop,
    Travis's piece performed by Victor & Bianca (not sure yet about my love for those 2 yet, but definitely loved the piece and they performed it really well. goooo travis being an outstanding choreographer! maybe that's why Mia left... afraid of him taking all the spotlight), love Russell (felt his foxtrot with Miss Red was weird to watch, but he did really well and LOVE him krumpin!) and also love Jakob and Channing.
    ohhhh my gosh, TOTALLY saw ellenore hold on to Ryan WAY too far down on his waist!!! Jon and I both saw that and we were laughing... knowing it would come up in the sisterhood recaps!!

    Great job Courtney - you are oh-so-talented in your writing and wit! :)

  3. Love that you added to the list Rachel! The sweating was ridiculous....And I forgot to comment on the inappropriate touching of Ryan.

    And renee I feel your pain- I haven't had a regular blog entry in all of October!

  4. It is official. If we didn't know it already, GMP is officially LDS. I saw the "Famous LDS Jesus" sitting on her bedside table.

    okay, good recap Courtney, very sarcastic- I think?- are you liking this season? It was hard for me to tell.

    There were a few I really liked and I'm a big Ellenore fan already. Like Kathryn and Karen, too. AND I CANNOT believe Mmoollee wasn't in that "dance for your life" group. puh lease. She's gone to me, but I forsee that she'll be here for a long time to come.

    What is with this Paula crap? Are they just teasing us?

    Okay, so I was watching this and the kids were around and very interested and I totally had to fwd through Salt 'n Peppa and the GMP (mainly b/c her facial expressions are R-rated).

    Agree that Russell was thrown in that mix just to get us all gasping and saying "what?!!!??!!"

  5. Haha crafty....yes I'm liking this season...I'm just always overwhelmed when there are this many dancers. can't focus too hard on the dancing b/c there's so much good stuff! There are a ton of dancers I love: Pauline, ellenore, kathryn, russell.....and probably a lot more! but isn't a little snark more fun? ;)

  6. so i'm a week late so i've forgotten most of my witticisms to last Wednesday's episode, but it was awesome. I can't believe I've skipped out on this show for the first five seasons.

    Mainly I wanted to write and say Court, you created a post I never ever ever could've done. Well done for the idea and execution. Fab.

    But I also wanted to say that the girl who did the seductive ballroom dance ... NOT the GMP but the other girl .... she's, um, electric. She might be my favorite female dancer. Of course she's a distant second in my bromance for Russell, but whatev.

  7. Hey B- thanks for the props! (are people still saying that?) And you're not alone in your crush on Russell- I can't wait for lil' C to come and fall in love with him. As for karen....yow-za. How did I guess that you would like her?