Friday, November 13, 2009

Face Lift

No one likes to admit when they've made a mistake and I'm included in that, but for the sustainability of the blog, I will let you all in one of my mistakes and its outcome.

Last Saturday, I was heading to the gym to work out and as I pulled out of our road I stuck the nose of my new baby out too far and I just barely scrapped the side of another car. There wasn't a whole lot of damage to either car, but it still stunk to get the new car in an accident. Even though it was just scrapes along the bumper we decided to get it fixed.

So here's the good part. I was thinking of replacing the front grill of the car anyway because it was all faded and it didn't match the bumper at all. From this post you can see a bunch of pictures, but here's one for you convenience.

So I hot him back today and LOOK!

No he looks awesome! I'm not sure if the new look was worth getting in an accident, but at least there's a positive out of the whole situation!

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