Saturday, November 28, 2009

Let's Go Krogering!

I love being home for a lot of reasons....seeing friends, hanging out with family, great restuarants, fun activities....but I would be lying if I said that a certain grocery store wasn't part of Ohio's hold on my heart. The major grocery chain in the area is Kroger (Kroger Sav-On for you old folks), and I have a deep, deep love for it. It was the only option we had when I was a kid, so my loyalty formed. This bond was later strenthened when I moved to Cincinnati (which is where the headquarters are located). But dispite my fondness for it, I didn't realize the true depths of my appreciation of Kroger until we moved to Pittsburgh- a.k.a. land of the Giant Eagle. Now, there's nothing wrong with Giant Eagle per see, but it's just not as good as what I'm used to. The generic brands aren't as good, they don't sell beer (that's Pennsylvania's fault, but still), and their logo doesn't have that cool swoopy-"K". Even Dustin is a convert, complaining regularly that he misses good old Kroger.

So when we visit Westerville, we make sure to stop by our old shopping mainstay. This trip was especially awesome, because our local store had just been remodeled. We had one of the oldest remaining Krogers in the country (I made that up, but it sure seemed it), and its shotty condition, combined with cramped aisles and limited selection caused my mom to dub it "Kro-ghetto" (a moniker she borrowed from the nickname for the University of Cincinnati of the saddest excuses for a grocery store I've ever witnessed.) After at least a year of area residents having to shop in a literal construction zone, the local Kroger has been revamped. Behold!

This is the sight I remember from my childhood. Bonus-The famous logo was home to numerous bird's nests.

Isn't she beautiful?

I had the chance to visit with my mom yesterday, and I was like a kid in a candy store (literally!). I snapped photos like a tourist at the statue of liberty, ooohing and ahhhing at the shelves as if they were works of art. Allow me to share....

Parts of the store are still a work in progress....but it's coming along.

And onto the new....
They have little carts! I couldn't get over how adorable these were. So chic and French-like (I assume).

Produce fresh and beautiful. Yum!

And directly accross from the produce: booze. I'm a simple girl, and this sight just warms my heart. Though I'm not sure the little cart was a good idea at this point.... I kid!

Kroger's version of Coke Zero. My two great loves combined.
My mom even found a friend:
All in all: Right store. Right price.


  1. I believe I have been to your Krogers! I have a memory of a different grocery store...Big Bear? Is that right?

  2. Yes! We used to have a big bear and a Cub Foods. Gotta love an animal theme....

  3. I echo every sentiment in this post. I love K-roger more than anything. You are so right about the off brands. And I went into this one too and wow they have some work to do still, but it looks great. And I think it's hilarious you took pictures in it.

  4. Suzz-The hilarious part is that my mom asked the bag boys if they wanted to be in the photos. If I wasn't ten years older than them I would have been embarrassed.