Thursday, November 19, 2009

Mailing it in.

Tonight we got sushi for dinner.
It looked like this:

Then we went to Ulta to test out new nail polishes.
It looked like this:

Then we went to Target to buy almonds in bulk.
It looked like this:

Then I wrote the world's lamest blog post.
It looked like this.


  1. Preachin' to the choir. Some nights life just happens. Tell Dustin (or yourself) to rant about one of these topics in the near future:

    - how Michael Vick is either the worst free agent pickup in the history of sports or the Eagles are the worst team at utilizing a key talent.

    - his top five killing time websites he visits (I'm looking to add to my bookmarks)

    - what would be the ten songs he currently jams to and would totally be on an imix right now

  2. Well, I will just say that the sushi looks so good I wish I could eat my computer screen right now. I heart sushi.

    However, I'm on a strict no sushi diet right now till the baby is born.

    Worth it, of course, but that picture just about did me in.

  3. tick tock ... it's 11:21 EST and no new post. hurry bowdens!