Saturday, November 21, 2009


Columbus Ohio has a few claims to fame, but by far the most widely known is THE Ohio State University- and more specifically, their football team. As a native of the city, some of my earliest childhood memories involve the Buckeyes. It's ingrained in who I am, and being a fan isn't an option, it's a fact. I may not watch all of their games, or be able to recite team stats, but when push comes to shove I will back my bucks all the way. I didn't even go to school there, and yet I know the fight song as well as I know the alphabet, and I still can't wear blue and gold together without feeling disloyal. They were, and always will be, my team, and to hear anyone talk smack is like listening to someone bash my family. Not cool.

So today was The Game: OSU vs. Michigan, one of the strongest and longest running rivalries in the nation. OSU has the better record by far, is Rose Bowl bound, and has beaten UofM for five straight years, so I was feeling pretty confident about their chances today. And they lived up to the hype: Final Score 21-10. Go Bucks!

Photo from the 2006 OSU/Texas matchup
(notice I had already converted Dustin into a Buckeye lover).

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  1. sweet couch and coffee table in that picture too ... alas, the beatdowns continue but the WOLVERINES will be back. I hope.