Sunday, November 8, 2009

Penny for Your Thoughts

It's a beautiful day here in Pittsburgh! There are NO clouds in the sky and it's going to get as high as 70 degrees. 70! Wow!

So I go out on my deck to feel how beautiful it is and I see this:

I look a little closer and I notice this little guy:
There are no leaves and all the other pears have already fallen off and gone bad, but not this guy. He's holding on until the end. Whenever that is. I'm not sure if he'll ever fall off. So as I looked at it, I thought to myself, "If that pear could think and talk, what would it be saying to all the other pears and the leaves?" If I had to guess, I think it'd be saying:

That's if Pears could dance or mad dog you after dancing.

What do you think? What's that pear saying to the leaves and other pears that bailed about a month ago?


  1. Poor "Russell the Pear"!!! I think he'd be singing "Are you lonely...just like me?"

    Don't let him freeze to death. It's a terrible way to go.

  2. Hey I also admired good old Kroger as a child. Me and my brother even made LEGO kroger stores. The Kroger I made was based on a Kroger that was close to my house and its now closed, but my Lego Kroger lived on... You can look at it as I posted on or yo can search for it on google. Just type "Lego Kroger supermarket"