Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Season Sigh....I mean Six.

Ok, so I know I've been out of the SYTYCD loop for a while, but let me get this straight....The finale is next WEEK? Since when do the top six go to the finale? Is the show so bad this season that we just have to put it out of its misery? Why stop there, why not just combine the top/final 20? Get it out of the way.....we could have 10 seasons a year! ugh...

I'm sorry guys, but I have to be honest here- I am just not feeling this season. I'm sorry!! I wanted to like it....I really really wanted to. But something's just not the same. I don't feel connected to the show like I once was. I used to look forward to every single performance, now I find myself fast forwarding through as much as possible. I've missed a few episodes (unheard of in previous seasons) so that's part of why I don't have loyalty to the contestants....but the show used to have an addicting pull to it, and now (to me) it just feels blah.

Normally I savory every routine, and even watch all the judges commentary- excited to see what they say...wanting them to echo my excitement and verbalize the feelings the performances stirred inside me. But that feeling is gone. There are no goosebumps, no chills, no rewinding to watch it again, no calling Dustin in to see something because it's just THAT amazing.

I miss my favorite show...

So, though it's my turn, I can't bring myself to recap tonight's show. Instead- I want to hear from you. What do you think of the season? Is there something missing? Or is it as good as ever? If you're having trouble connecting....why do you think that is?

Is it that they messed with the "formula"? Because Mia's gone? is it the addition of Adam to the panel? The new set? Or is it the contestants? I can't find someone I just LOOOOOOOOOOOVE. They're all nice enough, but no one I'm dying to pick up the phone for. I usually hate it when shows like this talk about the "it" factor, but maybe that's what is wrong here?

Mary actually summed up my thoughts (which is a scary scary concept) in her critique of the NappyTab "Strange" routine.
"It's kinda like when you go to the movies and you see the coming attractions and you see something and you go, 'Oh my gosh, this movie is going to be so exciting I've just got to go out and see it.' The beginning of that was like the coming attractions for me, and I just loved it, and I was all fired up about it. And then I was just slightly disappointed after that. It didn't really "hit" for me.....I was left a little disappointed honestly, and I'm sorry to say that."

I had high hopes for this season....tell me it's not too late?

P.s. Cat is still beautiful and awesome. That, thank goodness, will never change.


  1. blurg. I think it's the back-to-back seasons. I'm not ready to forget Jeanine yet. I'm not ready to not see her feathery black tutu at the beginning of every episode. I'm not ready for there to be a new Ameriker's Favorite Dancer when I'm still reveling in the last Ameriker's Favorite Dancer.

    plus, this season I've found myself rooting against people, instead of for people. I voted last night, only to keep Ashleigh out of the finale, because I don't think she deserves it, even if she could have danced last night. It's time for the married's and their cheesy faces to leave, I think.

    I think the best (and worst) thing that came out of last night is that I actually really liked Mmoollee. until she did her solo and went back to looking like she was 12.

    okay, those were my (probably incoherent) random thoughts on last night/the season in general. I commented, are you happy? ;)

  2. I'm with you Court. I don't have previous seasons to compare to, but I was really pumped for the show during auditions and Vegas Week, but since they got to the Top 20 I've felt sort of blah about it. For me it's been more the dance routines. I'm not a ballroom/jazz kind of guy so those numbers slow it down for me. I'd much rather see hip-hop, contemporary, and a little broadway thrown in for fun.

    That being said I feel like there needs to be about 2-3 more dancers of Jakob's caliber. I think Russell and Legacy are great, but they're not in Jakob's range so there's no one really pushing anyone else ... does that make sense.

    And of the girls, no one really blows me away either. Mmoollee is WAY too young, I dislike GMP, and Kathryn is just okay. Ellenore is a great dancer but I think she lacks some presence b/c of her quirkiness.

    I'll watch next season probably but if it's more of the same, I may be a short-lived fan.

  3. I too think it's the back to back seasons. We can't forget the dancers and memorable dances from last season. I remember not thinking that last season was that great, but by the end I was really enjoying it.

    I think Fox messed up by trying to have the season's so close and having it during the start of the rest of the fall season of TV - all the shows we haven't seen since fall are back on plus new shows like Glee...so watching 3 hrs (ok, never 3 since I skip a ton) of dance is a big commitment.

    Matt and I are still watching it but sometimes we get done and I realized I barely paid any attention and I don't even rewind to watch the dances I missed.

    Also, the choreography isn't as good - again I think it's having the season's back to back that is causing that problem.

    That said, I do really like Kathryn and Legacy and voted for the first time to get them into the finals. I think Ryan and Ashleigh should go home tonight - it would be fitting for them to go out together, but they may have gotten the sympathy vote.

    Also, Ellenore and Legacy's assasin/dinner routine was pretty cool - check it out if you can!

  4. I haven't watched tonight's vote-off episode yet. so these are just my gut feelings on Wednesday night. and unlike most of you, i thought it was really great. i liked all but maybe 2 of the dances. like Megan said, Ellenore and Legacy's assasin/dinner routine was a m a z i n g. and i hated that i liked Mmoollee's dancing so much. until last night i would have been totally done with her. maybe it's the new partner? i didn't care for the Bollywood one. never really do. besides Russell smiled wayyyy too much. i know the judges didn't agree with me, all their discussion of "happy" and stuff.

    and i thought Kathryn (is that the right one?) was amazing. i never even noticed her before. everything she did was gold, it seemed. she's the one that danced with married guy. (btw, i'd never let my husband dance w/ her.) i liked him ok, and the "vote for my wife" bit was sweet. but the crying was too much. i don't like a guy that cries when no one else is.

    and i love me some Ellenore. is she quirky? maybe i haven't seen enough episodes to catch that part. but i think i have yet to see her smile during a dance. wish she would.

    so this season hasn't disappointed me the way it has seemed to disappoint everyone else. but i agree that 3 hours a week is too much. which is one of the reasons i don't get to see it very often. except that they have to squeeze so many dancers into the first few episodes, i don't see why Tuesday has to be 2 hours. it's so LONG.

    so that's my thoughts. i like it. at least i liked last night.

  5. I agree with.....Stella! I really liked this performance show! Ryan is not my favorite, but his cha-cha with Kathryn...woo-hoo!!! LOVED it! And the table routine, too!

    I do think the downfall has been A) the 4 permanent judges. I love Adam, but I also love Mia and laughing at Lil' C. B) It has been a little rushed after last season. It's like they're ripping the trophy out of Jeanine's hands to hand it off to the next dancer that Ameriker thinks is cool. C) There seem to be a lot of new choreographers that they are "testing". I, personally, love the bollywood style, but could do with less non-traditional ballroom stuff. D) It is a busy time of year, regardless of other TV shows...LIFE is busier than in the summer.

    I'm stickin' with it, good or bad...or else the Sisterhood tattoo I got will become pointless...