Thursday, December 3, 2009

Self-centered late-night whining.

Remember that whole "keeping it real" part of blogging? Well here ya go:

I'm tired and I'm overwhelmed.

This week at work was la-ONG for both Dustin and me, and we had an plans every night after (YL, small group, YL etc.), getting us home just in time to go to sleep. Our house is a complete mess. Piles of papers, and clothes, dishes and half unpacked suitcases everywhere.

We've just been going, going, going, and it's starting to take a toll. Last night I got a toe cramp (don't happens to me all the time for some reason), and a good two minutes after it stopped, I started to cry. It was just too much. And now I'm droning on about it instead of getting some much needed sleep.

I guess I figured if I wrote it down, then when I have a terrible day later I could look back and remember that it could be worse....I could have a toe cramp.

P.S. We leave for Young Life Fall Weekend tomorrow. Pray for my weary, selfish, cranky soul.

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  1. I love your weary, cranky, selfish soul and I hope you make it a happy soul sooooon!!! Have a great weekend! We'll be praying!