Sunday, February 28, 2010

Us guys go to Five Guys

If you've never been to Five Guys, stop stalling, and get in the car now. If you've never heard of Five Guys, let me just tell you that it is just about the most delicious burger place you're ever going to find. Now get in the car.

For those of you who need more convincing....allow me to share some appetite enducing photo goodness:

Nothing fancy here. Just some fries....

Some peanuts...

Some soda....

And the greasiest, messiest, yummiest burger around. meal was seeping through the table with flavor (and fat...but mostly flavor!)
Eating the burgers does require a bit of dedication- open wide, but pace yourself...

Savor the moment.

P.S. Five Guys did not pay me for this endorsement. But OH do I wish they did... in burgers.

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  1. when we were in DC visiting Jillian's brother he took us to one and it was, what I can only assume, heaven to feel like. i loved that place so much. thanks for reminding me of its delectableness.

  2. I'm actually planning on going to Five Guys for lunch after my marathon as a celebratory meal to myself. At this point, I can only assume it's a great idea, more on that to come in May

  3. well well write a post about meat and the boys come out of the woodwork! :)

    Parsons- If you're looking to expand your empire- I say buy a franchise. those MI folks won't know what hit 'em.

    Todd- Five Guys is a great idea, it's the marathon I would question....

  4. I think Five Guys is great and all...but I can't help but notice that this post is not about curling. Please tell me that you went. Since Sean and I couldn't go we have to live vicariously through you and hear all about pushing the marble thingy, how many times you slipped on the ice, whether or not you got to wear the shoes...See you Tuesday (when you will tell me about curling).

  5. you did CURLING!?!? I want a post. right. now. Man, I am SO jealous. i want to know everything rachel asked.

  6. Bad news everyone...there was no curling for us. But I have a post planned with the reason............

    oooooh- cliffhanger!!!!