Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Crossfit Games: Round 1

Last Friday, Dustin and I took a trip into a strange little world unlike anything I’ve seen before. They call it The Crossfit Games. You see...when a couple of our friends said they’d be taking a trip to King of Prussia (Dustin’s old ‘hood) to watch some gym-mates compete at the Crossfit sectionals, we jumped at the chance for a weekend getaway. Little did I know what we were in for......The competition started promptly on Saturday morning, but the spectators among us had a long night of pre-gaming ahead of us. That’s right- while the athletes were making protein shakes, squeezing in some last minute crunches, and centering their chi (I’m assuming...) the spectators among us had a date with some Mexican food. Because if we’re not able to represent some athletic prowess, we might as well show off our elite status in the eating and drinking arena. The forum for our gluttony was Distrio, part of a group of restaurants owned by Jose Garces (the newest Iron Chef).

The food was PLENTIFUL.


And the Sangria didn’t hurt either.

Oh....and of course there was dessert. Because we are dedicated to our craft.

Truly though, the décor alone was worth the trip. I definitely recommend it.

So after pushing ourselves to the physical limit, we returned to the suburbs for some shut eye. After all...we had a full day of exercise-watching ahead of us. You can’t skimp on the sleep and still expect to bring your cheering a-game.
Stay tuned tomorrow for stories from the actual games! Imagine that!


  1. I think it's clear who the true champions of the weekend are. And that's a really cute picture of you and Dustin.

    And great job this morning!

  2. PLEASE tell me Dustin put on one of those wrestling masks and/or bought one to take home. PLEASE tell me he did and that there is a photo of it.

  3. Parsons- oh, how I wish that was true....I guess that gives us (another) reason to go back!

    Christina- I'm lucky I made it out alive today. Can't wait to see you compete next year! ;)

  4. AHAHA.. We all went for our PR that meal. I think CNOLAN gets the MVP though..

    Great pics again.. You are skilled with da camera. Please teach amy. She always makes me look so fat. :)