Tuesday, March 9, 2010

If you give a Court a nook.

If you give a Court a nook, she's going to love it....until there's a leak. Once she sees the leak, she'll ask you to fix it. So you'll have to tear the ceiling out, and expose the water damage. When you're finished, you'll find the leak, and need to reseal the tub.
When you start to seal the tub, you'll realize there is more damage, and the walls need to be ripped out as well.

So you'll tear out the walls of the nook, which will lead to the built in benches.

When you ask Court about the benches, she'll probably realize she doesn't like them that much anyway, so she'll want new ones.

When you're finished tearing out the benches, she'll want to talk about new designs you can build. But once she sees the empty nook, she may decide that she likes it better, and want to buy a new table instead.

When she starts to think about a table, she may realize that she'd actually like to have cabinets instead, so she'll ask you to tear out the rest of the nook. But it will be a very big project, so she'll probably ask her parents to come visit.
When her parents arrive, she'll want to talk with them about moving the pantry into the cabinets that will go in the nook. And if she's going to move the pantry, she'll want to move the refrigerator into the empty spot where the pantry was. And if you're going to do all that, you'll want to replace the rest of the cabinets as well.

She'll also decide that new countertops would be nice...which will lead to a new sink, and new appliances.

Once all that is decided, she'll want to put a door where the refrigerator was. So of course she'll want to tear out the rest of the walls, opening up the space for all of her new plans. And once she gets going, she'll probably decide she needs new floors to complete the look.

But you'll still be busy tearing out the nook, and fixing the leak. When you get far enough along, you'll notice you have to regrout the bathroom tile,so you'll send Court to Home Depot for supplies.
When she gets there, the tile expert will tell you that anything you do will be a temporary fix, so she'll really want to re-do the bathroom as well.

Soon you're realize that this is all a very large job, so she'll want to take you to Lowe's to talk to a specialist. So you'll make an appointment,and they'll give you books to look through, and Court will realize she is very excited for all of this....
And as you begin the plans, she'll start to wonder...could the new kitchen have a nook??


  1. hahahaha!!! loved the sum up of the demolition going on over there to give Court a nook! funny stuff....
    looks like a huge project but i'm sure it will come out awesome! can't wait to see the finished result!

  2. Should have just given my little "mouse" a cookie and called it a day!

  3. Tell her in exchange for her nook, you want a "man cave"!