Monday, March 29, 2010

Why do you Crossfit?

A few weeks ago, when we attended the Crossfit games in King of Prussia, I got a glimpse into the hearts and minds of the KOP athletes when I saw this board on the gym wall:

People listed their reasons for "fighting" aka working out at Crossfit.
Click the photo for a larger view.

It was inspiring to see all the different motivations, and I identified with a lot of them. It got me thinking about why I Crossfit....

I’ve got to be honest, my main reason for the last two weeks has been: “Because I told people I would.” It’s not exactly the best reason, but it did motivate me to get my butt out of bed early, which had previously been nearly impossible. I committed to two weeks, four workouts a week (three weekday classes at 6AM, one Saturday at 9AM). I had been meaning to go for at least a month, but needed help getting over that hump to actually go, so I told my goals to pretty much anyone who would listen. I figured the more people “watching” me, the less I’d be tempted to bail. And it worked. I didn’t want to make excuses to the trainers, I didn’t want Dustin to go without me, I didn’t want to reveal to co-workers that I was all talk, no action (when it comes to exercise anyway). And while I was busy proving myself to others, I really proved something to myself....

I can get up, even if it was dark out.
I can put in a full hour of sweating, and still survive a workday afterwards.
I can deal with soreness- even if it means requesting assistance to sit down.
I can, I can, I can.

At some time or another, pretty much everyone has that voice in their head that says “I can’t.” Mine tends to amplify when I’m working out. “One more lap, one more rep, one more round”, I tell myself.....“I can’t”, myself tells me back. But at Crossfit, can’t isn’t an option. If I can get myself in those sweat-fogged double doors before dawn, then I can drag my tired body through the Workout of the Day. Each time I learn the lesson again, because as my mind races, “I can’t possibly do five rounds. There’s no way I can jump that many times. That weight is too heavy for me”...I see people plugging away beside me, and I realize, I can, if I try.

And that’s another reason I Crossfit- the camaraderie. If I was trying to do this on my own, I would probably try half as hard, for half as long, (probably get one eighth of the results), causing me to give up the whole endeavor almost as soon as I began. But now when I work out, there is a trainer pushing me, giving me goals to reach, and encouragement to get there. And all the while, there are other people around me, fighting through the same challenges- showing me it can be done. When I look tired, they cheer me on. When I doubt my skills, they encourage me.

I could probably go on and on, for while I’ve only been there a short while, I truly feel like it’s changed me (and I don’t just mean my smokin’ hot body...ummm, which I don’t have...yet). And though it’s hard, I really want to stick with it...

So, while I plug away at some box jumps and double-unders, why don’t you share? Why do you Crossfit? And if you don’t.....why not?


  1. I Crossfit to become the man and athlete I've always dreamed of becoming. I love everything about Crossfit. None of my other workout plans or attempts at dieting ever stuck, but I think Crossfit is not just what I do to get in shape. I think it's a state of mind. I will not back down, I will not give up. I am Crossfit.

  2. Awesome post.. I agree completely

  3. I Crossfit so that I can use this body for what is was made for...for me, that's being a mother, wife, friend, etc. that can keep up with life. When I feel comfortable in my own skin, that extends to other areas of my life. (and, if we're being feels so good to be strong!)

  4. Courtney, I completely agree! If I'd somehow attempted, outside of CrossFit, to do this morning's workout on my own (which wouldn't have happened because I never would've come up with it), I would've quit after 2 rounds. At the most. But quitting just isn't an option. I mean, I guess it IS, in theory, but not really.....

  5. Good stuff everyone.
    ooooh Rachel, I like yours! well said.

    (and Dustin, if you're Crossfit, am I married to it?)

  6. Thank you Courtney for opening up this discussion and thank you to everyone who's posted so far. Great comments everyone.
    As for me, I CrossFit to be a better, healthier dad for my kids and husband to my wife.
    I also do it for my friends who can't.