Monday, May 17, 2010

Look What I Got!

I just don't have a better title for this post....Sometimes when you get something you love, you just want to brag about it! Looky looky look!!

On Saturday, our old neighborhood had a huge garage sale, and a ton of houses in the area participated. Garage sales can be totally hit or miss, with hours spent walking, to little or no avail. BUT- sometimes you find something that makes it worth it. And for me, that something was this little beauty:

Isn't it great?! No....I'm not sure why I wanted it....and I'm not sure what we're going to do with it it (I mean, I know what it does, but where does it go?)...but I do know that I love it! The minute I saw it, I asked how much the guy wanted for it: Five bucks. SOLD! (secretly I would have given him a lot more. Missed opportunity, buddy!)

Mere moments after the purchase was made, Dustin got roped into the project....because when you're married to Courtney, you can't just lug things home....No- you have to be a part of the vision. You see, I loved my new gumball machine, but couldn't help but think that it would look even better with a bright and shiny new coat. Enter, my secret weapon: high gloss white spray paint.

So Dustin painstakingly painted it with at least five coats, until it was the sleekest candy dispenser on the block. And though he may not have been as excited about it as I was, we did come up with a killer process- I disassembled all the pieces, and cleaned out all the "vintage" muck, while Dustin created a make-shift spray booth, inclusive of a fan hooked up to a timer. We are nothing if not thorough. But look how beautiful it turned out:

Seriously, you're jealous, right?

Come over and I'll share........I'll even supply the pennies!


  1. LOVE IT!!! And the white is perfection! That guy could have gotten a lot more than 5 bucks for that, too! You're the best!

    So, I'm thinking of channeling your creativity...Tommy has about 400 brass lamps (literally) at the Red Brick House for the Blessing Board...and I was thinking of trying to paint one white like you did for your chandelier. You inspire me.

  2. Court! It looks awesome! Love the white, good choice. I want to know how you painted it so well. And it's just like your mom's gumball machine and the drawer full of pennies :)

  3. I'm sure your mom is giggling at the fact the apple doesn't fall far from the tree in terms of candy consumption. If you start collecting merry go round horses ...

    But I'm SO jealous of that gumball machine. Me want.

  4. It's pretty awesome, I must say; Reminds me of my Mickey Mouse gumball machine I had when I was a kid...