Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Ninjas are Awesome!


Everyone knows that ninjas are awesome! See here to verify.

But I'm not talking about that kind of ninja. I'm talking about this:Allow me to introduce you to the Ninja. It dices..'s super easy to clean!

Courtney bought it and I use it everyday. Seriously... everyday. Most days I just make protein shakes in the morning and you would think that with my limited creative abilities that I would pretty much stick to that style of cuisine, but no! I have branched out to other items such as:

(pictures by Courtney Bowden... isn't she good?)

(mmmm... tasty!)

It was delicious if i do say so myself! I grilled some chicken, green peppers and purple onion (peppers and onion provided by the CSA) using a Chimichurri sauce recipe as a marinade (also made in the Ninja) and then grilled tortillas to make quesadillas!

(stop drooling on your keyboard!)

So, if you're hungry and like things chopped really quickly and really tiny, then come on over for some Ninja cuisine while it's still summer!

Seriously... come over. Courtney is away in Nantucket for business. Hence, you're stuck with me as your blogger.


  1. maybe I'll bring home some lobsters, and you can ninja them into a seafood dip! or a pasta filling! or soup! but not a smoothie!

    glad to see in my absence you've reacquainted yourself with the blog, and the camera card. Keep this up and I'm going to feel useless!

  2. What I want to know is if he still holds to the "No TV policy" while Court's away.