Thursday, August 5, 2010

Remember When?: Crossfit Regionals

Once upon a time I used to work out. At this place called Crossfit. I even liked it! I talked it up, and invited my friends, and had lofty goals, and then....then....I stopped going. Work got crazy (excuse!), I got too busy and tired for the new 5AM class (excuse!) and eventually I got chubby and lazy and couldn't even fathom dragging my jabba-like self to the gym, (truth!) let alone getting through a whole workout.

But let's not talk about that. Instead....let's look back on happier, skinnier, times. Way back in May, when we attended The Crossfit Games Regional Competition. Perhaps the memories will spur me to action. Or at least steer me away from the Klondike bars.

Two ruthless competitors, and one in the making.

It's all smiles when you just have to watch people climb the hill of death.

See? They encouraged my downfall.

Blake's magic shoes look even more magical with over-dramatic Photoshop effects!

Does it look cold? Oh, was it cold.

He may have broken an ankle, but his spirit was intact 'til the end.

It's like a really tough comic strip.

Whoa, I almost didn't even see you there.

What the weekend was really all about.

Crossfit, Bitchez.
(I'm sorry...the photo spoke to me, and that's what it said.)

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  1. Courtney, I think you're close, but let me help you fully interpret the picture, which I think is saying, "CrossFit and beer pong, Bitchez"