Sunday, November 7, 2010

Time flies...all the time

Can you believe it's already November?
I had every intention of participating in NaBloPoMo, like we did last year...But then again, I meant to blog more than twice in October, soooooooooooooooooo....

I love the idea of posting every day, but it seems that posting every week is a challenge around here. (In a related story: I referred to this site as my blog-baby today-everyone else in my book club has kids and a blog- and was thankful for the lack of responsibility in my life....I mean, if I ignored a real baby for two weeks there would be more dire consequences than losing a few readers!)

My first instinct in justifying my lack of posting, is because we've been so busy. But in all honesty sometimes that seems like a knee-jerk excuse, rather than a full truth. Of course we're busy....but everyone's busy. And in all honesty, in recent weeks we've actually had more down time than ever. You see, for the last three years, we've volunteered with Young Life, and for reasons too numerous, and personal to list here, we've taken a step back. This means a lot of things, but mostly it has provided us with a LOT more free time. Truly the most free time of our entire marriage.

So with no high school kids to look after, and none of our own kids to take care of, we've had the luxury of basically doing whatever we want! (you may remember my recent bragfest about this lifestyle...) In some ways all of this time is a huge blessing. We've gotten to go out with friends more, have weekend visitors, make trips to Columbus, cook more, get involved with our church, and put time into hobbies that normally get pushed by the wayside. But on the flip side- I'm reminded of the saying "idle hands are the devil's workshop". I'm not saying the Bowden household has transformed into den of sin...but I do realize that it's easy to waste too much of this precious time on worthless pursuits. There's bit quite a bit of tv watching, internet surfing, video game playing, and general lazing about around here lately. So I see both sides of the equation, but if I'm being honest I have to say I've adored this time we've had. Sure we're being selfish- doing whatever we want, whenever we want (and sometimes more notably- not doing what we don't want), but as a short term strategy, I think that's just fine. Sometimes you need to eat too one too many cheeseburgers to remind yourself how good eating vegetables can feel. (p.s. my personal burger limit is 3 in one weekend- recently learned that the hard way). I don't think Dustin and I will descend into a permanent lifestyle of self centered decadence. But a (relatively) short time of living the young couple dream? Yes, please.

I don't know if this is the post that I set out to write....but it's what I did, so it's what you get. And now that a few of the cobwebs are knocked of my old typing fingers, perhaps I'll eke out a few more posts this week. I mean, as long as a Teen Mom marathon doesn't come up.....priorities, people!

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