Monday, February 7, 2011

What to wear...

Do you get the feeling you’re wearing the same thing over and over and over again?

Me too.

I admit I have a LOT of clothes (well....maybe a regular amount of clothes, but a ton of scarves?) but for whatever reason, I always gravitate to a few favorites, and form a small rotation of the current loves. It seems the same five shirts stay on the top of the stack (or the laundry pile) while the bulk of my clothes hide in the depths of my closet.

But I find it hard to even keep track of what I sure feels repetitive sometimes, but do I really have a uniform? Is everyone at work rolling their eyes over me wearing that....again...? Or am I the only one that thinks about it? (I'm pretty sure I already know the answer to that...)
So I thought it would be fun to keep track of what I wore for a bit.....just to see? I couldn't deal with writing it all down....and there's no way I was taking pictures of myself everyday (documenting clothes I can do. Recording the hot mess that is my hair and makeup on a daily basis? Not ready for that one...) So I decided just to take pictures of my outfit each day.

And here's what we ended up with:
(click photo to enlarge)

I mean, have you ever seen so much grey and navy?!?

It was a fun little experiment. It did push me to step up my fashion game a little bit more than I might normally. It's usually too easy to keep reaching for the same pieces, but when I had fresh pictures in my mind (and on my computer) of what I had just worn, it made me want to mix it up a bit more. Let's not kid ourselves's still all about comfort. And I do love a hoodie and a scarf!

It is a little funny to see all those outfits lined up. I didn't realize how similar I dress from day to day...I mean, they are all pretty different, but then they run together a bit too. Maybe because it's winter though? That at least explains the boot rotation...and the complete absence of color.

I'm not sure if I'll keep this might be fun to see how my style evolves over the seasons. But there is also a very real possibility that I only have 30 looks to deal with, and from here on out I'd just be shuffling the (shallow) fashion deck. But it was fun for now, so we'll see where it goes....

In the meantime, anyone else want to share? Do you have an outfit in heavy rotation? Or are you more of a fashion maven then I'll ever be?

(Oh, and because I know you noticed...yes, there are only 23 outfits. I didn't start taking photos until a few days into the month, and even then let's be real- everyone knows you can reuse weekend outfits during the week, right? Come on....)


  1. okay, as a scrapbooker/life artist (yes, I refer to my crafty self as that), I just love that you documented your life like this. Where is the pop of pink or red? seriously, Courtney! But at least you know what you love! I would totally not want to see what I wear on a daily month long basis, pretty sure of that. so not the fashion maven here.

    ps. this is so "pages of real simple" or blueprint magazine of you to lay the clothes out like that. love it

  2. My palette is exactly the same, except maybe a little more black than navy. I have an obsession with grey. I thought about doing this, too, but I feel like I only wear about four separate outfits. Time to expand?

  3. You should set up an appointment with Hannahbear so that she can walk you through her college wardrobe journal. She literally recorded every outfit and hairstyle everyday as not to repeat said outfit or hairstyle too often. You have to respect the commitment.

  4. Rachel- I knew Hannah had some sort of elaborate system...but I couldn't remember exactly what. Didn't realize it included hairstyles....I would definitely run into issues there!

    Crafty- I don't think I own a single red or pink item. Not sure why...but it never quite fit on me (unless you count all my tshirts from high school or college- where my school colors were black and red...I have plenty of those!)

    Holly- you might be surprised what you find. I didn't repeat some stuff as much as I thought I did....or perhaps I knew I would be embarrassed if I had to post the same pic of a grey sweatshirt every day?

  5. Gotta love the comfort factor - its all that I do...but you always manage to look super cute/fashionable while you do it! Love all the outfits laid out on the floor. I'd say it was a fun experiment!

  6. I love the documentation and the outfits! I have no idea how to dress/accessorize. I like clothes but I don't like picking out clothes, if that makes any sense.

    Then there's the fact that I feel torn between how I present myself. For instance, I have teenage step-daughters. I don't want to dress like them, but I'd still like to be hip and trendy.

    I end up with fuddy duddy.

    I like your style!

  7. hilarious...mine is just the same minus the jeans and greys and blues...who knew!

  8. I love it- the layout and the wardrobe. Have you ever thought of a job in fashion? Just a thought... ;)

    I love how you accessorize - even though your colors are similar you make each outfit look unique.

    You should do a weekly fashion column for those of us out here who could use your help!

    Also, the girl who is friends with you and Rachel - who recorded her clothes and her hairstyle - I am amazed. How could someone have so many hairstyles? Is there anyway to find out more about that? I really have two - brushed or not brushed.

  9. How cute! I love how you put all the pictures together. However, I'm a little concerned that you didn't wear shoes on the 11th day :-(.

  10. Haha ashley- I wondered if anyone would notice that....We actually stayed home to watch the steeler game with friends, so shoes never entered the picture (literally)!