Thursday, March 3, 2011

What to wear- the sequel

Last month I embarked on an experiment to document my outfits every day....It was fun to see a full month of choices all lined up, so I decided to go another round and record February's Fashions. And here they are (click photo to enlarge):

Second verse-same as the first,
but a little bit brighter and a little bit....similar to the last time.

The first month was a bit more of a true documentary....I cared a little bit about coming up with fun combinations and avoiding repeats, but mostly I just wore what I want, and snapped pics of where I ended up. In February though, I got in my own head a little- thinking I needed to mix it up more and inject some color. But I can't keep up a costume charade, so though I pulled some fun pieces out to have their day in the sun (floral skirt, coral necklace, where would I be without you?) I still relied heavily on my old standbys (grey sweater, and blue hoodie- I'm looking at you).

I suppose as much as I'd like to be a fashion plate day in day out, I have to realize that I love me some jeans, flat boots, and neutral layers. But I think I've managed to strike a balance between lazily lounging in my comfort zone (that would be the outfits you don't see, when I literally lounge nightly in my sweats), and attempting to turn out some "fash-OHN" (I believe that's French for "throwing on a big scarf, or an armload of bangles").

So that's the rundown of the last 28 days of sartorial adventures. Now that February is over, I think I'm going to take a little break from the the clothes collage...Maybe I'll pull it back out when the weather gets warmer- but until then I'm sure you can imagine an endless stream of jeans and grey t's (soon with flip flops!)


  1. can't wait to see your warmer weather fashion collage! Have a great weekend!

  2. I love looking at these collages ... not as an in-depth micro analysis like you seem to be doing but more of a, hmm, what can I learn on a macro level about Court. And you nailed it ... you love you some blues/grays and scarves.

    But honestly ... I love the look. On you they always look great in a casual/dressy way. It's a 'cool bohemian' if that can be a description.

    And I know you want to venture into more color but I think your 'color' is how those clothes accentuate your gorgeous hair color and you use the accessories to add that flash of flair. (Dustin ... I promise I'm not hitting on your girl ... she's got sweet hair, deal with it)

    I just don't want you to start throwing on patterns of Aunt Marge's couch cushions because you're forcing colors and patterns on you. It may look blah to you but I've always thought of your 'style' as pretty sweet.

  3. Dear floral skirt, Please come live at my house. Sincerely, your biggest fan

  4. Love outfit #2...where did you get that sweater...from my closet? It is actually a REAL color! mommie