Saturday, January 14, 2012

DeLovely DeLurking

You may not be aware...but today is a holiday (and no, I don't mean my birthday...but that is coming!) Today is a blogging holiday: It's National DeLurking Day! (ok...the actual day might be a little suspect. Depending on the source, it could be anytime this week, or this month. But around these parts we're going with TODAY! Because I said so!)

For those of you who don't know what that means, it's basically a chance to encourage folks who read but don’t comment to come out of hiding and say hello. guys may not comment regularly (or more accurately for most: ever) but I know you're here. I have a stat tracker, and while my traffic numbers are nothing to brag about (I hope even if they were, I wouldn't) I do know there is a "silent majority" of you who check out the site, but don't have the courage (or time, or energy, or interest) in commenting.

I certainly understand the hesitation. Reading blogs is a no-risk pastime, but commenting requires you to put yourself out there a bit. It's one thing for me to publish my life story...that's my choice. But others may not always be ready to add their two cents. Often when people mention that they've seen my site, they say something to the effect of, "yeah, I've been stalking your blog", and it cracks me up. The idea of "stalking" implies that it's a secret, that it's shameful, and that I don't want you here...But for me it's exactly the opposite! I write because I love to create, to tell stories, and record memories (more on that here), but I blog because I love sharing these thoughts with others. I invited you all here (if not directly, than at least indirectly- through facebook posts, features on other sites, etc.) When I write, I want it to be a part of a conversation, and even if every reader doesn't actively participate in every post, my goal is to involve people on some level- to make you think, or laugh, or at least help you fill a few minutes of your post-lunch slack time at work.

So whether you're family members, fellow bloggers, internet strangers, Facebook friends, or "real life" friends... Take the risk today. Click that comment button and join (or start!) the conversation. At least for one day. (oh- and if you happen to stumble on this post after the "official" delurking day- leave a comment anyway! There's no expiration on the fun!)

Anything is fair game, but for those of you unsure of what to write- here are some questions to weigh in on....
  • What do you wish you were having for dinner tonight? (or maybe you're lucky enough that you ARE having it!)
  • If you had to go back to relive school year, which grade would you return to?
  • How much wood would a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood?

And if you're really really stuck. Just wish me an early Happy Birthday! Can't go wrong with that! :)


  1. I looooove reading your blog courtney!!! I have you on my google reader on my phone so I dont always go to your site (which is why I don't often comment but I mean to much more than I do!) Comments are so awesome to get, I know how much it means to get some, so i'll try to comment more often. Seriously though, you are hilarious, thought provoking, suuuuper creative & stylish & a wonderful fellow blogger friend that i'm blessed to know! You & dustin are such a fun couple & really great parents (i can just tell) :)

  2. I'm in the mood for a meatball sub. I don't think it'll happen tonight but rhat's ok cause I'm pretty much always in the mood for a meatball sub!

  3. By the way, I know rhat's is not a word but it wouldn't let me change it.

  4. You're on my Reader and I read all your posts. I loved elementary school so 4th grade for me!

  5. Kraft mac'n'cheese...any day, every day!
    I love the blog. It often makes me laugh (mostly with you), sometimes brings a tear (of joy or pride) to my eye.
    Oh yeah... senior year of high school - would definitely date more people. Still glad you asked?

  6. Renee- I totally understand...I read a lot of blogs that I never (or at least seldom) comment on. Thanks for all the compliments. If I knew it was going to be a love fest, I would have started delurker day sooner! ;)

    Dus- sorry we didn't make that happen. But if I get a new crockpot for birthday, this place could be meatball central! Hint hint....

    Hillary- so glad to have you! I loved elementary too, but fourth grade was the worst for me...I think fifth would be my choice. Can't resist a chance to rule the school!

    Daddy- mmmm...I always want mac& cheese, but you know that, b/c you made this monster! And yes- I'm totally glad I asked I think it'd be hilarious to hear your dating long as you keep it PG (or G!) rated!

  7. Hi Courtney, I found your blog through my sister, Stacy Cloud! I tell her all the time how hilarious I think you are and I just love Piper's nursery! All the best!

  8. I do comment, but not in proportion to how often I check the blog. But then again, do you really want a comment from me everyday? . . . Did I just admit that out loud?. . . Anyway, I'd go back to senior year, surprise surprise. I just miss hanging out with you guys all the time. And not having to worry about how hard Calc is because I know Dustin will make it all make sense eventually. And having my prom outfit instantly accessorized by just walking into your clothes bedroom. Good times.

  9. Hi Carrie! You're so sweet. I got to see some pictures from your wedding last time I hung out with Stacy- so pretty! Congratulations!!

  10. Hi Courtney!

    I found your blog through Megan O'Rourke. I absolutely love your writing style and you always have me laughing. Weird that I've never met you?? I go to Northway so maybe we'll meet one day for real...and I can tell you how cute your daughter is.

  11. Does your stat tracker see me peeking into your archives even? Thats a tad embarrassing. But I do love to read your writing. I laugh a lot, I feel inspired, but in a way that is totally and one hundred percent outside of my realm of capabilities.

    Confession: you would scoff at the inside of my closet. Scoff, I tell you. Well, you might *approve* my AE skinny jeans. Three pairs and they are the only jeans I wear.

    I would not repeat school, period. The end. Think girl who can't dress herself fashionably now probably couldn't then either only even worse so.

    Oh, and Piper IS one cute baby. For serious.

    happy de-lurking day, a day late!

  12. KO- oh man- calc and prom. you just made ME miss high school! (and you of course)

    Katie- I'd love to meet you! Since you know what I look'll have to make the first step to say hello! :)

    Happy- you don't give yourself enough credit! You are raising like, 100 kids. If you can do that AND still rock a skinny jean, I'd say you're doing ok!

    Nathan- do it!

  13. We are having some leftovers tonight. Yes! I check your blog all the time! I'll try to comment more...!

  14. Hi Courtney!
    You probably see me lurking from Seattle ;) I LOVE reading your blog and seeing the awesome life and family you and Dustin have created! Piper is adorable and it's so fun to see my roommate as a Mom! and an awesome Mom! I am learning so much from you, we don't have any little ones yet but I'm studying and gearing up ;) I've always meant to write you to tell you how much I enjoy reading the blog, and this "delurking day" was the perfect reminder (except that title makes me feel SO creepy!). You have an awesome writing style. I usually read the post and then pass them over to Chris so he can read about your baby experiences ;) Anyways, keep up the great stories and I will promise to comment more!

    xo Lindsey (Pickett :)

  15. Hi Court!! I love reading your blog and especially seeing/hearing about how Piper is and how you are doing being a new mom. My baby turned 11 a few days ago so it is fun to relive those precious newborn days. I never think to leave a comment...mostly I just wander across the hall to your Mom's classroom and tell her how much I enjoy reading your posts! Happy birthday! Love, Jenny

  16. Molly- no pressure! Happy to have you here...I follow Zoe's pics on FB all the time too. Can't wait for the new little one to arrive!

    Lindsey- Aw, I'm so glad to "see" you here! I'm a little scared that you might be looking to me for parenting advice though....we're flying by the seat of our pants! I'd love to hear more about your Seattle adventures- maybe you should start a blog! :) (or maybe we could just email from time to time...)

    Jenny- Thanks for chiming in. 11 years old! I can't imagine. Piper is going to be 11 weeks soon, and that seems like a lifetime!

  17. better late than never...i read your blog regularly - love your style and your writing!