Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Night Under the Stars

If you know me, you know a couple things about me for sure:

I love my birthday.
I love a party.

So you can pretty much guarantee that when January rolls, you're in for some crazy nonsense, in the form of an over the top birthday party. The kind that you should really only throw for someone else...and that "someone else" should probably be ten or under. But I have no shame throwing my a party in my honor, and I refuse to believe that growing up is a reason to tone it down....

...So we party.

Over the years I've had some pretty good shin-digs, if I do say so myself. A few years ago we threw an epic 80's party, 2010 was a classy wine and cheese affair, and last year we combined my two great loves (mac&cheese, and games) for a big blow out.

But this year might go down as my favorite yet. You see, I pretty much spend the 364 days leading up to my birthday planning my party. The minute one is over, I'm brainstorming the theme for the next one (now that I tell you that, there's some pressure to deliver...but I'm ok with that) and I've had this year's theme in mind for quite a while. Brace yourselves- for my 28th Birthday... it was time to bring back the prom!

Yep. I had been begging Dustin for years to throw a prom party, but because my birthday is in January, Mr. Practicality didn't necessarily think the weather would be conducive to high heels and strapless dresses (at least he's considerate of the ladies!). He tried to convince me to wait, and host it in the spring, but I refused to postpone my birthday several months, just because I had the misfortune of being born in the winter. So finally this year he gave in to my vision, and it ended up being perfect timing. I mean, is there really a better time to recreate the slow dancing, photo taking, hair spraying prom magic, than the 10th anniversary of my senior year in high school? I think not.

The main concern now was where to host such a gathering. Our house is cozy after all, but isn't exactly made for events that usually require a ballroom. We kicked around the idea of renting out a room, or a bar...But we realized after about ten seconds of research, it was going to get really involved, and really expensive. So we settled on having it at the old homestead, and just making it as festive as possible (even if that meant putting all our furniture in storage). We tried to keep the expense and workload to a minimum- picking up decorations at PaperMart, making things out of stuff I already had on hand, getting a thrift store dress (and borrowing a tie and cummerbund set) and keeping the menu simple. (that doesn't mean we didn't do it up in style though...as one of my friends said when she arrived- "I could see the sparkle from the street!")

And let me just say- It was perfect. I literally had "The Time of My Life" (which could have been the theme, if I hadn't gone for the ever-popular, and easy to execute "A Night Under The Stars" motif). Thankfully (huuuuuge understatement) my parents had come to "Chaperone"- aka watch Piper, so Dustin and I were able to let loose, and dance the night away.

But we weren't the only ones in the mood to party like (high school) rock stars. People came dressed to impress.

There was primping...

and pimpin'...
I have to say that the girls might have looked the best....

But the guys gave us a run for our money. (these were part of an homage to "Penn Hills Prom". The perfect amount of class, and 'hood.)

But I think you know who stole the show:

I mean, does it get better than a tux/tutu combo? Nope. It does not.

Love was in the air...

And the drinks were flowing...(it helped that no one had to secretly spike the punch, or try to hide a water bottle of vodka in their purse)

This man will help get you Kraken (besides the old punch standby, that was the unofficial drink of the night)

And even the tiniest of guests hit the bottle...(with a little help from Papa)

But of course, the main attraction of the night (of my life!) was the dancing. Before the party, my step-dad asked which room would be the dance floor...my answer was "all of them!" He was surprised, and asked if I really expected everyone to dance? I hadn't really thought of an alternative, (after all- doesn't everyone love all the same things I do?!) so I was hopeful that people would have grown out of their adolescent inhibitions. We did have some chairs set up for the more reserved guests...

But once the spotify mix got going...

...the dancing couldn't be stopped. There was a "Sexy and I Know It" soultrain line (Dustin did his signature knee dance):

And plenty of six-grade style awkwardness:

And of course...just general nonsense:

Towards the end of the night, we busted out the Kinect, and challenged each other to virtual dance offs. Meg and I pretty much showed them how it's done:

But as much fun as the dancing was (and it was FUN), no prom is complete without a crowing of a King and Queen. The competition was fierce, but the voting strategy was left to the discretion of the partiers...Choices might have been based on prettiest dress, most handsome, most school spirit...It was wide open.
But when the votes were tallied, there were two clear winners...

Meg and Jeff!

They accepted their crowns, and shared a hilariously awkward Royal Dance (while their spouses looked on...feeling what I can only imagine is a mix of pride and jealousy)

So as you can see...we pretty much had a blast. It was everything I love about prom, without all the stuff I'd rather forget...I didn't have to cram myself in a limo with 14 of my not-really-closest friends. My mom didn't have to put my date's boutonniere on because I'm too awkward and shy. No one ended up in the bathroom crying because their date danced with another girl...

I had my favorite people together to partake in my favorite things, which makes for a magical night.

(And for those of you who reaaaaaally know me...you know there is one very important party element that seems to be missing...Don't worry- I didn't let you down. Stay tuned for Prom Post Part 2...the awesomeness continues)


  1. Amazing!! Seriously, I am blown away by it - can you move here so you can have fabulous parties that we can come to? Because I've given up on ever doing something so awesome!!

  2. haha for reals on the Part 2!!!

    Such a fun party!

  3. Great party! (I think I know the missing element.)

  4. Megan- Thanks! You know you're always invited...Maybe for my 30th your fam can make a roadtrip. Now I just have two years to plan an epic blowout....

    meg- as the prom queen, you are required to like the party. You are an elected representative of the people afterall. And shall I assume you are still wearing your crown?

    Daddy- did you guess right?

  5. Court, you have outdone yourself. Even better than I pictured it. Great theme too, classic. I hope your mom won best dressed. . . great sleeves.