Monday, January 2, 2012

They Are Twins, That is Why

Since the moment I had Piper, people have been commenting about how much she looks like Dustin (and I do mean, the moment, I'm pretty sure one of the delivery nurses said something...) Friends call her Baby Dustin, strangers can't stop mentioning how much she resembles her daddy, and Dustin's family pretty much use any opportunity to brag "of course she's cute! She's a Bowden!"

But rather than taking their word for it (and by "their", I mean, everyone)...Let's take a look:

Baby Courtney:

Baby Dustin:

Baby Piper:

Again, I give you...

Baby Courtney:

Baby Dustin:

Baby Piper:

I think it's safe to say she favors him a bit in the looks department.
But do you need a side by side shot just to be sure?

Yeah, I'm pretty sure she's his daughter.

Occasionally it bothers me that she looks so much like him. I mean, don't get me wrong, I think Dustin is cute, and I obviously think Piper is cute (more like, the cutest thing ever!), but sometimes I feel a little left out. It's not that I'm so vain that I would rather her resemble me...but it would be nice to feel like had something to do with this adorable little baby- rather than just being the woman that delivered Dustin's little mini-me.

I actually read an article though, that said newborns most often resemble their fathers, and it has a biological purpose. Mothers have an undeniable bond with their children, and there isn't any doubt of their biological connection. But because paternity can sometimes be called into question. It turns out that babies who look like their fathers are more likely to be taken care of. The dads are more inclined to raise babies that are undeniably theirs. And in the animal world it actually prevents the dads from eating the young!

Now, there was never any doubt that Dustin was the father...and I certainly wasn't worried about him eating her, but if I think about it, I suppose it is nice for him to have this bond with her. She and I are connected in ways that he will never be a part of, so for them to look alike kind of evens the playing field a bit, and gives us both something special to share with her.

And besides, everyone assures me that babies' looks change a ton over time. She could look like him one minute (or week, or month) and me the next. I'm sure as she grows she'll show a resemblance to both of us in different ways. And if she looks like a Dustin clone forever? Well...I think she could do much much worse.

She may not look like me...But I think she still knows I'm her momma.

(oh- If you're not familiar with the title reference...that little gem comes from a silly comedy bit about the Super Mario Brothers. A friend played it for us years ago, and we've been quoting it ever since. "I ask if they want ice cream, and they both say vanilla. Now how in the hell?")

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