Friday, February 3, 2012

Face time

Guess who's three months old!
LinkIf you haven't already checked out her 1 month and 2 month mug shots, take a look. It will blow your mind how much she's changed already. Her hair keeps getting lighter, and she seems to be lengthening out a little (...someday she might even have a neck!) I thought it was hard for her to get cuter, but she just keeps surprising us. Now please excuse me while I go smother her little face in kisses...

(oh, and technically her 3 month "birthday" is tomorrow- 2/4, but she was born on a Friday, so the math gets a little fuzzy. But don't worry...I have more milestone photos in the works for this weekend!)


  1. She's BEAUTIFUL! Thanks for sharing

  2. Who could resist "Face time" with that little face? She's adorable! And growing so fast!

  3. These are adorable - and I love the ones of her sitting in the rocker! All your Piper facts are fun to read!