Monday, February 6, 2012

Piper's "1st Birthday"

Almost two years ago, our friends the VanHoudnos introduced us to the idea of the "9 months + 3 months" First Birthday celebration. When their son turned three months old, they commemorated the first official year of his existence (even though he spent 9 months of that time cloaked in still counts!) by going out with some friends to celebrate. We had a great time eating Asian food, and sampling bubble tea (I guess the "1 year" birthday is a Chinese concept) and toasting this new little life that was starting to take shape.

I (of course) loved the idea of marking an unexpected milestone, so we decided to embrace the tradition. We thought there would be no better way to commemorate a year of Baby Bowden than by breaking bread (or more accurately: eating pancakes) with some of the people that have been instrumental in Piper's life so far.

So after church this Sunday, a small group of us gathered at Pamela's Diner in Oakland for some syrupy sweet, good times.

The Bday girl was in good spirits, content to sit and pose for pics while the rest of us debated how many pancakes would be appropriate to eat in public.

She even got to play with her friends Mike and Lindsey...

...which went well until Mike called attention to his mustache...

Apparently she's not into facial hair (take a note, Dustin!) Look at her lip! But the crying was mercifully short lived- nothing a little cuddle from Daddy couldn't cure.

There were a couple other little ones in attendance too...and they seemed to approve of the party as well (they got to eat, and carry on like hooligans...what's not to like about that?)

And when they weren't eating, they too took the opportunity to ham it up for the camera:

Before long the little guest of honor was plum tuckered out and spent the rest of the afternoon sacked out in her carseat (it's her party and she'll sleep if she wants to).

But that little lull in the action gave us a chance to give a little toast to tell everyone how thankful we were to have them join us not just for breakfast...but for life.

As parents, we are limited in what we can pass on to Piper. She's been dealt her genetic lot, and beyond that, we have a finite set of skills and knowledge base to share with her. We pray for God to grow us in His wisdom, and for His grace to cover our areas of weakness. Thankfully He's provided us with a group of friends and family to bridge the inevitable gaps in our abilities, and faults in our character, and help us to guide Piper along the path of His divine plan.

If it takes a village to raise a child, then you all have been our cul-de-sac. We are so grateful we are for who God has made you and how you are already helping us shape our daughter into who He would have her become.

Perhaps the greatest skill God has provided me with is the ability to seek out friends better than myself to help us as we muddle our way through the journey of parenthood.

You are each a profound example of the body of Christ, and the church in action. Thank you for all the support, love, guidance and fun through Piper's "first year." She is- and we are- truly blessed.

And for those of you who weren't able to join us for lunch, please know that we are beyond grateful for the extended community of friends and family that have been with us on this journey so far. Thank you for loving our little girl (almost) as much as we do.

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  1. The birthday girl and her parents sound blessed with wonderful people to celebrate life with!