Sunday, March 4, 2012

1/3 of a year

Little Miss Piper is 4 months old today...We didn't celebrate much (unless you count a trip to Target for diapers, and a lunch out at Wendy's!) but we kept the photoshoot tradition alive, and snapped some shots of our goofy girl. She was in good spirits, so we didn't capture her famous pout, but she made up for it with smiles instead.

LinkHer little face is irresistible, and she constantly cracks us up with her multitude of expressions (many of which now have a silly noise to accompany them). She's still all baby...but occasionally there are little peeks of the grown up girl she'll someday be. I adore seeing her open, unfiltered reactions to the world and I hope she always has the courage, trust, and honesty to wear her emotions this proudly.

Check out the rest of her faces :
1 month
2 months
3 months


  1. I LOVE the top row, last one- pure joy!! I miss you guys and hope all is going just perfectly for the whole family. Xxxx

  2. She's completely awesome. Love you guys!