Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Brewer's Ball

 Quick- what are my three favorite things in life?
  1. Dustin
  2. Beer
  3. Helping others
Ok...maybe those aren't my exact top three, but I do love those things an awful lot. So when Dustin and I got the opportunity to attend a beer tasting event to benefit the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, we didn't hesitate.

We got gussied up in our finest "cocktail attire" (turns out its been a while since the two of us had to look presentable. The day of the event we still hadn't figured out our wardrobes. Dustin was worried about his suit fitting...and I had to use my lunch hour to do some speed shopping) and left Piper with her two new best friends (aka our good friends that graciously agreed to babysit. Holla, Craig and Katie!)

See? Even after a full day of work, and a whirlwind of childcare
and baby handoff, we still manage to look somewhat presentable!

The event was held in a large ballroom type space, that was set up with tables around the perimeter- each one representing a different local pub or brewery. There probably hundreds of beers on tap, as well as some fancy bottled options, and even a few ciders. We happily accepted our tasting glasses and started making the rounds.

 Dustin found a hometown fav.

And I found out I could double fist with no shame. 

We got to know this guy pretty well...

And of course we had to snap a pic for our girl...

If all that beer wasn't enough, there was also a good bit of food there, which was a welcome treat, as I'm not sure I would have made it through all that drinking without a pretzel or two as a base. Fortunately the offerings were a bit more varied than that though, and we got our fill of some delicious sandwiches, some soup that I may have to buy stock in (if only I wasn't too buzzed to remember the name of the restaurant serving it) and of course, some yummy cheeses.

I'm thankful there is only photographic evidence of the first time we hit up 
the braised beef and pork belly slider bar.

Oh...and then a  pic of that time we ate chased our fancy sliders 
with cheeseburger sliders.Classy AND yummy.

Tiny glass, tiny plate, tiny pickle!

  And tiny container of cheese? Yes, I'll have several, thank you.

But it wasn't all belly-bustin' and boozin'. Midway through the evening, they showed a video about CF, and a local guy talked about his personal battle with the disease. I teared up a bit as he told his story, and was reminded how blessed we are to have each other, and a beautiful healthy daughter. Celebrating the gift of life and fighting to find a cure to CF? I'll most definitely drink to that.


  1. You certainly are one heck of a daughter...how many Dads could get past their first born princess saying "beer is #2 in my life"? But I did! Looks like a good time, you both looked good, and for a good cause. Win win win!

  2. what a fun event! Man those CF people know how to throw fundraisers! I've been to a few myself, but never a Brewer's party! Wine tasting- yes; tea/fashion/chinese auction- yes) but never beer!
    It is a very scary disease though- I can't imagine.
    ps you two look MAH-vehlous!

  3. Courtney, your hair looks so cute shorter!