Tuesday, June 19, 2012

{31 Things} Day 6: Things

(If you're wondering where days 4 and 5 went...First off- congratulations for being even more on top of it than I am. Things are a bit out of order here because entries 4 and 5 don't exist yet. I'm making efforts to backtrack, but in the meantime, let's keep on keeping on...)
  1. Age: 28. I think. I tend to forget. As the numbers get higher they seem to get more difficult to distinguish from each other.
  2. Favorite part of my day: putting piper back in her crib after a late night feed. I love her floppy little body...So tired she can't quite hold her head up, but just awake enough to hold on. She nuzzles in, lays her little face on my shoulder, and makes tiny little piglet snuffles. I nuzzle her in return, taking a minute to breathe in her delicious baby scent, and feel the warmth of her fuzzy head on my cheek. No matter how tired I am, I would freeze time to stay in that moment forever.
  3. Loving: The start of summer. The days are getting longer and warmer. Our evenings and weekends are spent on walks, or lazing around outside (or in Dustin’s case- doing yard work, but I’m not sure he’s “loving” that.) We’re as busy as ever, but the increases in flip flops, open car windows, and popsicles on the deck allows me to relax- even for brief moments inside the madness of our schedules.
  4. Longing for: More dancing. I’ve been taking a dance class since January, and I’m really starting to love it. I switched from hip hop to jazz, and though I was worried it would be way too hard for me, it’s actually been a great growing experience. The stretching is good for my tight, overworked muscles, and the class is just difficult enough to challenge me without being totally overwhelming. For an hour each week I force the stress and busyness of the day out of my mind, and focus just on movement. I immerse myself in the moment, and try to ignore my limits or mistakes and just enjoy swirling around to the music. Unfortunately there is no Summer session, so I’ll have to get my fix somewhere else. I’m hoping to work some dance in somehow, even if it’s goofing around with Piper, or at least catching some episodes of So You Think You Can Dance!
  5. Inspired by: Other mamas. I love to see and hear about the fun things moms are doing with their families. I’ve been reading the blog Enjoying the Small Things, and have been so inspired by the fun, creative, and simple things mom Kelle does with her girls. As Piper grows I hope to incorporate a little bit of magic into our days- having “spa days” painting our toes in the bathroom, dreaming up stories together, or taking moonlit walks.
  6. Dreaming of: The beach! We’re a little over a week away from our first big family vacation, and I can’t wait to feel the sand between my toes (and see it between Piper’s little piggy toes!) We’ve never gone on a trip with all of my siblings before, so the mix of people will be interesting. I expect a little drama, a lot of laughs, and a ton of memories (and probably a million photos).
  7. Needing: more sleep. And more hours in the day so I could do it all...and still sleep.
  8. Navigating: Being a working mom. I’m currently caught in the age-old crisis of being torn between two worlds. I want to give 100% at work and at home, but no matter how hard I try I end up feeling like I’m coming up short both places. I feel the constant battle between my creative brain and my “mama heart” as they vie to be the top priority.
  9. Struggling with: Wanting to have and do it all. (see above. And above that.) I dream big dreams about all the things I want to try, or write, or make, or eat, or read, and end up scattered in too many directions and spreading myself too thin. But I struggle to say no- not necessarily to others, but to myself. I’m not the best at editing my ideas, and my enthusiasm tends to get the best of me as I pile on more, more, more until I inevitably and predictably crack. Usually the result is a brief overwhelmed tearfest, followed by a dramatic cut back on activities, only to repeat the cycle immediately. Maybe I’ll learn someday…
  10. Knowing: That I am blessed. So profoundly and wonderfully blessed. This season of life can be so challenging at times; so much is new, confusing, and exhausting. But there is still so much joy as we muddle our way through the beginnings of forming our little family, and I know we’ll look back on this time fondly, even if it’s with a touch of thankfulness that pieces of it are over.


  1. Enjoying the Small Things is one of my top three favorite blogs! (along with yours and Today's Letters). Please throw pajama parties for Piper's friends and their mamas, sprinkle glitter on the driveway as reindeer food and take pictures of Piper like it's your job and then blog about it all.

  2. Oh I loved this! I seeeeriously could write that on every one of your blog posts though courtney! :) yay for more dance!!! So fun, I'd be taking it with you if I lived near you for SURE. I relate so much to the struggle of doing/wanting/having it all; you expressed it so perfectly. Piper is just SO cute I can't stand it. You are a wonderful mommy & seem to be handling it all beautifully...most importantly, loving her (& dustin) like crazy! :)

  3. I love those ideas KO! Will you come to our PJ party?

    Renee- I may not always have as much energy, or time, or patience, or or or....as I want, but I do have love. So much of that. Thank God that where we are weak, He is strong.